SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — Police were investigating allegations that San Francisco’s sheriff-elect and his wife were involved in a domestic violence incident.

Ross Mirkarimi was scheduled to be sworn in as sheriff on Sunday, after serving seven years as a city supervisor.

On Friday, District Attorney George Gascon said Mirkarimi is under police investigation for domestic violence but declined to elaborate.

Citing law enforcement sources, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that police went to the home of Mirkarimi and wife Eliana Lopez last weekend after a neighbor called to report an incident.

Lopez has issued a statement, saying the allegations are false and that he has never been abusive to her. Mirkarimi declined comment, through a spokesman.

Mirkarimi married Lopez, a former Venezuelan telenovela star, after the couple had their first child in 2009.

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Comments (6)
  1. tn says:

    Either the neighbor knew, heard or saw something serious enough to call the cops or else the neighbor has a grudge against this Murakami guy (or his wife?). If there was a domestic disturbance, the next thing you know Murakami will say (admit) he had a few drinks too many (at home) and may have been a “little loud.”

  2. SFNative says:

    There should be no double standard for domestic violence cases. If the police has evidence of physical abuse where the victim has a traumatic injury, which could range from scratches, bruises to bleeding, the police are mandated to make an arrest immediately for FELONY domestic violence whether or not the victim is cooperative. That is the law in California and it doesn’t give exceptions to famous people, rich people, or politicians. In this case, a photo of the victim’s injury was allegedly taken by the neighbor according to the search warrant. If Mirkarimi is arrested, he will go to County Jail not as the Sheriff but as an inmate.

  3. Foggie says:

    Well argued, SFNative!

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