OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Raiders owner Mark Davis introduced Reggie McKenzie as his new general manager in Oakland Tuesday, just hours after head coach Hue Jackson was let go. John Madden told the KCBS morning crew the death of Al Davis left a big void in Raiders football operations.

“Really what (Mark Davis) needed was a guy that was going to do what his dad did,” Madden said. “(Someone who would be) heavily involved in personnel, in scouting, in signing, in salary cap and all those things…and that guy was Reggie McKenzie.”

Madden said McKenzie’s 18 years in the Green Bay Packers front office will help the Raiders build a better team.

“It’s going to be structured around the personnel part and getting good players,” Madden said. “If you have players, you’re probably going to win. If you don’t have players, you’re not going to win… They’re going to go out and get the best players, and if they don’t have them, then they’re going to keep trying until they get them.”

Madden said he has known Mark Davis all of his life and pointed out that the new owner has a different style than his father.

“Instead of being hands on, (Mark Davis) is an observer,” John said. “And he’s a good observer. He kind of sits and watches and listens and takes time to make a decision.” (9:05)

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Comments (3)
  1. Claude DeMoss says:

    “If you have players you’re to win, if you don’t have players, you’re not going to win”!
    All the teams have players, they all don’t win.
    I think Madden meant if you have “good” players or “great” players, not just “players”!
    Claude DeMoss
    San Jose CA

  2. Claude DeMoss says:

    Forgive my spelling, those are “typos”!
    Claude DeMoss

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