SANTA ROSA (CBS SF) — A 23-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of annoying or molesting a child when a 14-year-old girl walking in Santa Rosa said he drove past her several times and tried to entice her into his car Friday morning, police said.

The teenager was walking from her home to school around 7:15 p.m. near Santa Rosa and Sonoma avenues when she noticed a car driving past several times and slowing down each time it passed, according to police.

The driver eventually stopped next to the minor and rolled down his window and tried to entice her into the car, according to police.

The girl pulled out her cellphone and called her mother, which prompted the suspect to drive away. The girl was able to continue walking to school where she told school officials about the incident, police said.

Officers arrived at the school and talked to the girl and were able to identify a suspect in the case as Santa Rosa resident Osmin Fernando Ponce. He was booked into Sonoma County Jail on suspicion of annoying or molesting a child under 18 years old, police said.


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  1. frenchjr25 says:

    The issue here is that the law under which he was arrested is so old that “Molest” pretty much means to annoy or harass. It has nothing to do with the modern meaning of “molest”, which is sexual in nature. This is a law that does need to be changed to match modern definitions.

  2. ani says:

    Mr, Osmin Fernando Ponce should also be charged with stalking and an attempted kidnapping of a 14 year old girl. I hope that he also will be locked up for the rest of his life because he is a high risk offender. The girl did the right thing by alerting not only her mom, but alerting school officials immediately after the encounter. It also helped her that she carried the cell phone for safety purposes such as the one that helped save her life and prevented another abduction and from also being another victim in the process. I hope that all young girls will be provided with cell phones to help save their lives and to prevent becoming victims of abduction.

    1. Dev says:

      please ani, he might just be a assertive young man who was attracted to a young girl who most likely looked older than her real age, we shouldn’t pass knee jerk judgement and predetermine his character without knowing if her has prior offenses or if he is a predator. It’s folks as yourself who would delight in locking up every young man in our country who even looks at a young girl.

  3. Scott says:

    No doubt. I bet this guy was just attempting to meet the girl. He probably thought she looks a lot older than she is. This is a great opportunity for the lame ass Santa Rosa Police to look like they got a real predator off of the street. I love the liberal agenda in Nor Cal. It’s ok for two men to have anal sex, while a guy trying to meet a girl gets railroaded. I will bet money this was an innocent situation of a lonely guy trying to meet a good looking girl walking down the street.

  4. Darryl says:

    “should also be charged with stalking and attempted kidnapping”… “locked up for the rest of his life.” …. LingMBO.

    I sure hope your son or brother doesn’t get into this exact mess, I’m sure you would be thinking differently.

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