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Toll Lanes To Ease Silicon Valley Traffic Congestion

SAN JOSE (KCBS)— The interchange between highways 880 and 237 in north San Jose and Milpitas is considered one of the most clogged commuter areas in Silicon Valley. But relief could soon be headed that way in the form of toll lanes.

The Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is turning the carpool lanes connecting the two highways into toll lanes that will go into operation at the end of February.

VTA Spokeswoman Jennie Loft said if you’re a solo driver, you can soon drive in the carpool lane for a price.

KCBS’ Betsy Gebhart Reports:

“When you get on the express lanes in that corridor, you’re charged a certain fee and the fee can be as low as fifty cents to a higher number depending on congestion,” Loft said.

The average charge will be about $3 and drivers will be charged through a FasTrak electronic type device on their cars

The toll lanes will go from 880 near Dixon Landing Road, west to 237 around Zanker Road. Lanes will go in both directions.

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  • 123smith

    To my good fortune, I don’t commute on this roadway… it’s extortion by theVTA. The mis-managment by this agency is beyond belief. The public transportation system (especially the buses) is an incredible waste of $, nobody rides it.

  • Christine

    With literally thousands of cars having to traverse that stretch, how does moving some amount of congestion to the commuter lane “ease” traffic? The number of cars is not eliminated. If anything, it punishes those who up until now actually car pooled. And what about the VTA Express Bus for that route – it uses that lane, will it now be delayed daily by TOLL drivers? And, what makes the VTA think people can afford the price. Don’t tax paying voters have a say in what road has a toll? Was that on a ballot that people missed?

    • The regular crowd shuffles in

      Take two aspirin and sleep it off.

  • scout

    We have to get rid of the tax and spend politicos!

  • Jim

    Express lanes don’t work so we are going to charge people for using them – Yeh, that will help! The only solution is to put an inititive on the ballot to eliminate express lanes and toll roads entirely. You cannot take good highway lanes and reduce the amount of traffic on them and call them a success in moving traffic or reducing traffic. This is more social engineering that does not work and increases the total gas consumption on our highways as folks sit in creepy crawlly traffic.

  • Ian

    It’s been open two days now and my commute just got much worse. It’s extortion plain and simple.

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