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Richmond Police Race Discrimination Trial Begins

MARTINEZ (CBS SF) – A racially-charged civil discrimination trial involving several high-ranking Richmond police officers began with opening statements Tuesday in Martinez.

The lawsuit against Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus and his former deputy chief Lori Ritter alleges racial discrimination and harassment going back five years. Seven officers filed suit against the pair. The claims involve police promotions, derogatory racist jokes and harassment.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

Attorney Stephen Jaffe, who is representing six of the seven plaintiffs, told jurors “this is a trial about racial discrimination and racial hatred.”

Jaffe said that things came to a head during a retreat in Napa in 2006 when some racially-derogatory comments were allegedly made by Chief Magnus.

In his opening statement, defense attorney Art Hartinger told jurors “you heard this case was about racial hatred and discrimination but that’s simply not true.”

Hartinger said that the plaintiffs did not like Chief Magnus from the very start because he’s white and an outsider.

All seven plaintiffs are African-American. A gag order is in effect for the trial which is expected to last a couple of months.

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  • Christian Miller

    Seven blacks filing charges against 2 white people–we can see where the racial discrimination & hatred is located, and it is NOT where the plaintiffs claim it is. This is about black excuses and black superiority.

  • Louis Calabro

    Christian Miller, Thank you, you make some sense in this case.

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