SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — She’s not saying what exactly did happen, but Eliana Lopez – the wife of embattled San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi – insisted Wednesday that she is definitely not the victim of domestic abuse.

The former TV star from Venezuela called in to a popular news source in her home country – Noticias24 – and told the interviewer that her husband’s legal troubles are a “political persecution.”

“There has been no domestic violence,” she maintained during the phone interview from San Francisco. “This is a political persecution and Venezuelans know what that is.”

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Mirkarimi, who was recently sworn in as San Francisco’s new sheriff, has been charged with three misdemeanor criminal counts related to alleged domestic violence that took place at the couple’s home on New Year’s Eve.

Lopez questioned the integrity of her next-door neighbor, Ivory Madison, an attorney who reported Lopez’s bruised arm from an alleged New Year’s Eve domestic dispute to police.

Lopez questioned whether Madison has a political axe to grind, telling the interviewer: “We must find out her motives and who is backing her… She waited four days to report this? We want to know who she talked to in those four days that convinced her to call police.”

According to court documents, Madison videotaped Lopez when she showed up at her house crying and showing a bruised arm. Madison also told police that Lopez was upset because her husband cursed at her and threatened to take their son away from her.

Both Mirkarimi and Lopez have so far refused to talk to SFPD investigators.

But Lopez went on to tell Venezuelan media that her husband is being attacked by so-called moneyed interests in San Francisco because of his progressive views about reforming prisons and also because he is the son of immigrants.

Lopez said she has nothing but respect for her husband and – in a cultural reference to American bias – she told her hometown media that she’s not going to be taken advantage of.

“It’s not like I’m the little Indian girl being victimized by the Gringo,” she said.

Mirkarimi is scheduled for his first court appearance on Thursday afternoon. His attorney said he will likely file a request for a gag order in the case.

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Comments (15)
  1. Trudy Sanders says:

    I could have sword SHE was a victim in this case, NOT him. Disappear, Ross – no one likes you anymore.

  2. Lori Portales, MSW says:

    It’s too bad she feels she must cover up for him. It will never get better and in fact it has probably gotten worse as far as tension in the home. It takes what it takes to want a life without drama. It will be interesting to see if he must step down. What an example for other DV perps if he stays.

    Lori Portales, MSW

  3. HaveSomeBalls says:

    Lopez needs some counseling from the domestic violence outreach community, and Mirkarimi needs to man-up and accept responsibility for what happened.

  4. stanley says:

    Remove him before he becomes a embarrassment to the city Mr. Mayor. show some leadership and set and example.

    take a poll on the sheriff at

  5. AProgressiveAGAINSTDomesticViolence says:

    Newsflash to Eliana M – he is not being ‘attacked’ because of his progressive views OR moneyed interests. Domestic violence cuts across ALL socioeconomic strata, straight, gay, immigrants, non-immigrants, etc. Wake up and smell the coffee, dear. Domestic violence is domestic violence and unless you put that bruise on your own arm, and made up tears went you fled your home for your own safety, you are NOT helping yourself, your child OR your abuser by trying to whitewash what happened. YOU need help as much as he does. For your child’s sake, I hope you get it. Get it??

  6. JaneQPublic says:

    I certainly hope Child Protective Services is paying attention and monitoring this. When a TWO-YEAR-OLD says his daddy gave his mommy a ‘boo-boo’, that child has witnessed violence in the home. This is NOT a psychologically OR physically safe environment for ANY child!

  7. tn says:

    I’m not a doctor but it sure looks like a typical response from a DV victim. It doesn’t help that Ross is now probably getting some of the medicine he used to dish out against the very organizations that he now needs support from. Payback is a “rhymes with witch.”

  8. mike says:

    Watch what you wish for !

  9. ReuctEffeltex says:

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    1. fish says:

      Sounds great! I want to buy some from you to replace all the existing incandescent lights in my home and office. Forget this politician domestic violence issue and why don’t you send us all a couple of test lamps first! If I like them, I’ll buy more from you! Get lost.

  10. Donald Sandri says:

    How can legal authorities issue a stay when the victim refutes the allegations? This entire matter borders on the ridiculous…

  11. Ms.V says:

    Personally I’m sick of people making everything about race. The remarks made by his wife regarding this is rediculous and according to my mexican friends ” gringo ” is considered a racist put down by many in the hispanic community. It seems the only one making race an issue is the wife. What a mess

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