RICHMOND (KCBS) – Richmond’s police chief and seven of his high-ranking officers are involved in a racial discrimination lawsuit in Martinez, which temporarily leaves the department without a head.

Even though the racial discrimination case against Richmond police Chief Chris Magnus and his former second-in-command Lori Ritter will be in court for quite awhile, Deputy Chief Ed Medina said that the department will function normally.

”The department manages itself,” said Medina. “The programs that are in place, and the duties that each of us hold go on regardless of who is here or not, whether it be a long vacation, or in this case, whether it be unfortunate litigation.”

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

Seven high-ranking police officers filed the suit.

Medina said that there is another deputy chief on duty as well, and he doesn’t foresee a problem should the trial go through April.

“I actually only have one captain that is involved in the trial, I have three others that are here, and several other lieutenants,” said Medina.

All of the high-ranking officers in the trial are black, and Chief Magnus and former Deputy Chief Ritter are white. The race-bias charges were first launched about five years ago.

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Comments (4)
  1. justsayin' says:

    Sir, if they were racist, then there wouldn’t be any black lieutenants or captain.

  2. just another person says:

    Maybe it’s racial from the other direction.

  3. jones says:

    Maybe both of you should’ve been aborted, idiots. Anybody knows one has to give the appearance of no racism, you’re not black and know nothing of racism. You damn clowns always want to comment on racial issues, yet, you know nothing about black hisory, or racial issues. A bunch of functional illiterites. Please don’t say anything else about race, oh, and tell all the rest of your white friends that they have no knowledge of race in this country. So howf in the hell can they talk about it?

  4. Louis Calabro says:

    jones, please try to understand—it would be more fun for all police officers, black and white, if black officers were hired WITHOUT help from Affirmative Action assistance.

    Name calling usually displays the weakest argument for an issue.

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