California Schools Chief Promotes Healthy Kids Project In Bay Area

CONCORD (KCBS) — State schools chief Tom Torlakson was in the Bay Area this week, visiting schools to promote his ‘Team California for Healthy Kids’ project.

The superintendent of public instruction has been lacing up sneakers to spread the word about the benefits of physical activity.

He was in his element as he’s been a teacher and a running coach in the past.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

A survey taken last year showed that less than one third of school children failed to pass a statewide physical fitness test. Torlakson contends there is a direct correlation between physically fit students and academic achievement.

“We know that it’s so important for the students’ success in school,” he said.

Torlakson mentioned that a good diet loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables was also important.

To help with this effort, he wants schools to set up more salad bars and form partnerships with farmers markets.

Torlakson has even enlisted the help of top sports celebrities to spread the word.

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  • Ko Bo

    It’s superintendent, not superintendant.

  • Jim

    “Superintendant”? No wonder Johnny can’t read! CBS needs an editor.

  • shedges

    “less than one third of school children failed to pass a statewide physical fitness test”
    So more than 2/3 passed??
    Actually it was the other way out 2/3 failed, check the results on the state website

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