SUNNYVALE (CBS SF) — Caltrain passengers continued to experience delays Sunday evening in the aftermath of a collision that killed a pedestrian in Sunnyvale.

The northbound Caltrain .439 struck and killed an adult male pedestrian at 4:15 p.m. on the train tracks at Sunnyvale Avenue in Sunnyvale, just south of the station, according to Caltrain spokeswoman Christine Dunn.

The cause of the collision remains under investigation, but Dunn said it appears the man may have deliberately stepped in front of the train.

There were no injuries to the train’s passengers or crew. The passengers were able to board a special northbound train at 5:26 p.m. that ran express to Redwood City and then made all northbound stops.

Southbound tracks were reopened at 5:05 p.m. As of around 6 p.m. northbound trains were running around 20 minutes late and southbound trains around 8 minutes late.

This is the second death on the Caltrain tracks this year. Last year there were 16 fatalities, Dunn said.

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Comments (15)
  1. Jasmine Ji says:

    what was that idiot doing on the tracks?

    1. NRA Life Member says:

      Uh, committing suicide, no doubt.

    2. Delphi says:

      Preliminary information suggests the man intentionally put himself in the train’s path, Dunn wrote
      Maybe think before you call names next time. It’ll make you not look like a terrible person.

      1. David Legnosky says:

        Delpui – What are you biyching about? Dunn never mentioned anything derogatory nor called the victim ant names. Slow down and read to understand. Do not jump to conclusions, it makes you look like a terrible person.

      2. Delphi says:

        I wasn’t talking about Dunn, I was talking about the lovely lady that called the victim an idiot.
        Maybe you also need to know that I was REPLYING to her. I probably should have put quote around, and that’s my bad. But notice that it was a REPLY.
        Delphi, not Delpui.

      3. donovan says:

        Maybe David ought to have taken his own advice and “slow down and read to understand.” It was clear to anyone that Delphi was replying to Jasmine’s “idiot” comment.

        RIP to dude who committed suicide. Hope you are in a better place than those of us still lives.

    3. gregm says:

      commiting suicide, what else! Duh!

    4. Broken says:

      That person was my baby brother and how dare you talk about someone like that… I hope and pray one day i find out who you are and we meet..

  2. Donald Wright says:

    “The northbound Caltrain .439 struck and killed an adult male pedestrian”; “Caltrain Strikes, Kills Pedestrian.”

    Why isn’t the anti-train lobby more vocal about the malevolence of these out-of-control trains? They are lethal, and need to be outlawed to protect us. Only crazed, Right-wing zealots are clinging to their trains and their religion!

    (Oh, and Lefties reading this: please spare me your morally superior finger-wagging. Here; I’ll do it for you to save you the effort: “How could you be so monstrous as to make fun? Don’t you realize someone died? What if it were your brother? You don’t have a heart!” There–now don’t you feel better?)

    1. NRA Life Member says:

      Wow!. A voice of reason in a sea of stupidity. I’d like to buy you a beer.

  3. Mark says:

    Another inconsiderate coward messes up thousands of strangers’ days by making a bad choice of method for offing himself. Good riddance, jerk!

    1. Delphi says:

      Yeah he totally ruined their day by making them 8 minutes late.
      You’ve never been suicidal, have you?
      Either that or you’re a troll.

    2. Broken says:

      To Mark and Jasmine….That person is my baby brother. I hope one day you and all those other inconsiderate jerk offs never go through the pain my family and I are going through but if you want to know pain come and look for me around the spot my brother died and I will show you,,,

      1. Donald Wright says:

        Whether he was your “baby brother” or not, and whether you like to face it or not, his action was inconsiderate of those trying to get to work and go about their business.

  4. Lost says:

    RIP friend love nd miss u

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