OAKLAND (CBS SF) – The police costs for Occupy Oakland continue to rise.

“They’re talking about $3 million and counting,” said KCBS and Chronicle Insider Phil Matier. “Now, there was the original Occupy cost for the big demonstration, the camps and the police actions down in the downtown. But since then, there’s been sporadic demonstrations that have required the cops to come in on the weekends and a couple of weeks back demonstrators started saying, ‘ok, every Saturday night we’re going to demonstrate against the police’ and so every Saturday night in Oakland there’s this demonstration and march against the police and sometimes it’s violent. Sometimes it’s been ok.

It’s wound up costing about $50,000 a week in overtime for the cops because they’ve got to bring between 75 to 100, sometimes over 100 cops in to keep an eye on things…and these costs just keep going on and on.”

KCBS and Chronicle Insider Phil Matier:

The City of Oakland doesn’t have much money to spare for these costs – which weren’t a part of the budget.

“The only place they can turn is into their pockets,” said Matier, who noted that the costs come at a time when the city payrolls are about to shrink due to cuts to the redevelopment agency.

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Comments (2)

    Isn’t Oakland GREAT? The mayor and council indirectly welcomed the occupiers and it costs 3 million. The police get the mixed signals from the mayor and council, next they get the bad rap for enforcing sanity, and we taxpayers get the bill. Now, every Saturday nite we get the protestors, those anti-police ones. Of course if if there’s a city emergency Saturday nite, some police are tied up with the anti’s-, so to speak. Perhaps we residents of Oakland could get a phone number of a protestor to call for help if there’s an emergency since our police are not available? (to protestor) Just leave your number below, thanks. Isn’t Oakland GREAT?


    Isn’t Oakland GREAT (number 2)? As an Oakland resident, homeowner, taxpayer, and shopper in this GREAT city, we are known more for gangs, thugs, occupiers, anti-police protesters…makes visitors want to come and explore? Shucks, we do have the attractions…a beautiful museum, a top notch zoo, Jack London Square, Old downtown, A’s, Raiders, and much more! But, wait a minute…we’re not promoted for that? What’s up Mayor and Council? And our police are in the dog house too? Isn’t Oakland GREAT?

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