FREMONT (KCBS) – Tesla Motors has described the next generation of all-electric vehicle to be manufactured at its Fremont plant as part mini-van, part SUV.

The Model X is expected to have 3 battery ranges, a design feature that addresses what has been a significant limitation for all-electric cars.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

“The current range of electric vehicles is not sufficient enough to make that what everyone drives,” said Rob Louisell, a business development specialist at Ford.

Louisell predicted that all-electric cars would share the road with a variety of alternative fuel vehicles as stricter emissions controls take effect across the country.

On Thursday, the California Air Resources Board is expected to adopt rules requiring that 15 percent of new cars sold in the year 2025 be zero emission vehicles.

There are now an estimated 10,000 alternative fuel vehicles in California. The new standards could push that number to around 1.4 million, and Louisell expects the Bay Area will help lead the way.

“Generally, these alternative technologies do best on the coasts of the country to begin with, but we’re super excited to see how they do here in Northern California,” he said.

The Model X will be unveiled Feb. 9 at the Tesla design studio in Southern California.

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  1. Paul Brewer says:

    Brilliant…Introduction to Hippie Vapidity 101:
    – This wonderful “electricity” must come from…
    Coal….a great 19th century technology. Trains burn diesel taking it from the mines to be burned to boil water to turn a turbine to generate electricity. Slightly better ? Natural gas….BOTH leave a carbon footprint and generate more CO2 fin the atmosphere than gasoline…
    – Manufacturing and disposal of the batteries for these “non polluting” cars ? …a very nasty business requiring energy, chemical components, and waste.

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