ANTIOCH (CBS SF) – Two people escaped injury after being shot at while waiting at a traffic light in Antioch late Wednesday morning, according to Antioch police.

Around 11:50 a.m. Wednesday, a male and female victim flagged down a police officer and said they had been shot at while waiting for the light to change on northbound Lone Tree Way at James Donlon Boulevard, according to police.

The vehicle the victims were in was riddled with bullets along the passenger side, the hood and windshield, but neither victim was struck by the gunfire, police said.

The suspected shooters were in a vehicle described as a gold SUV, possibly a GMC Yukon. They were last seen traveling north on Lone Tree Way.

The shooting is believed to be gang-related, police said.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Antioch Police Department’s investigations bureau at (925) 779-6926.

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  1. geneL says:

    Antioch is the new Oakland. Check out all the folks from Oakland that have moved there in the past several years. This sort of thing will only become more and more common place. Don’t expect it to change because the police have been cowed by shouts of racism.

  2. ron says:

    wrong, this all started back in the early 90’s/ late 90’s when pittsburg started redevelopment of the down town area of west and east 10th sreet. they push out all the downtown criminals. leaving antioch the only place to live. thats why antioch went to the dumps. remember when pittsburg was the dumps and antioch was the nice city to live in, not any took years of police work in pittsburg to push the criminal out of their city.the city of richmond and oakland are pushing them out as well.this is how your city starts going down the dumps and crime starts to rise. it starts with people who rents houses and apartments. they dont care who they rent to as long as they get the rent money.they dont do criminal back ground checks.and most of them come from section 8 housing, no matter what color they all cases the female gets section 8 housing. and then she moves in her boyfriend or brother who is envolved in criminal activity.dont get me wrong there are some good people who are on section 8 but when you have a large number of them living in the same area or apartment complex, the property turns into the dumps.I have always said that living in a low income area is no good for any kids. because they only become a produce of that type of living.

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