Hercules Family Battles Sex Assault Claim Against 6-Year-Old

HERCULES (CBS 5) – An East Bay dad claims a game of tag on the playground resulted in his 6-year-old son being accused of sexual assault – a decision he said was an overreaction by school officials.

The parent, who asked only to be identified as Oswin, said his son was accused of brushing his best friend’s leg or groin while the two were playing on the playground at Lupine Hills Elementary in Hercules two months ago.

Oswin said his child was kept in the principal’s office for two hours until he confessed. He was suspended, and a sexual battery charge was placed on his permanent school record.

“To me, I think it’s an overreaction,” said Marilyn Cheeks, a Lupine Hills Elementary parent

Legally, there’s no such thing as sexual assault for a six year-old in California.

It wasn’t until Oswin and his wife got a lawyer that the school backed off. District officials declined to discuss specifics. They did confirm that an investigation was conducted, and that the child could not be charged with sexual battery. The claim was removed from the boy’s record.

Oswin’s son is attending another school now. He said he only hopes no one else will have to go through what his family did.

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  • Robert Santiago

    School was way outline with this. The reason there are no sexual assault laws for children this age is that children this age are not mentally capable of forming intent. I am afraid for the other kids at this school. Apparently the educators here have no clue about basic issues in child development. One wonders what else they are doing wrong.

    • James D

      When I was about that age, there was a kid I knew who used to sit down next to me at the lunch table, stick his hands between my legs, squeeze as hard as he could, and refer to it as a “wienie test.” It hurt like hell, but even in this case of obvious bullying (it was intended to hurt; he thought it was funny) I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was sexual assault. There was no sexual intent, as there can never be where there is no sexual awareness.

      In this, more recent, case, there is clearly no reasonable case to be made that it was sexual assault–even less so than in the case from the example from my youth. The idea that school officials would even consider making this claim against a 6 year-old is patently absurd. The adults making this call are fools who should be horse-whipped in the public square, then tarred and feathered.

      • Jerry

        Reminds me of a time I was visiting a man and his family I had just met. The man was showing me around the house when his 6 year-old reached up the leg of my shorts and squeezed me. The father never noticed, so I squeezed the hand with my thighs until he withdrew it. I wondered where he had learned that behavior until I saw an uncle grabbing the little boy and doing the same thing. They seemed to think it was a playful game. Perhaps your tormentor had the same experiences. I also remember the game “squirrel” in grade school which was painful and delivered no sexual satisfaction at all. Such activity would be deemed “gay” in these days.

      • bumpkin

        Oh, James. How sad for you as a kid! And, how sad for the tormentor. “Always remember whats taught is whats known…the memories of children are written in stone.” (KD Lang lyrics) Your tormentor had to undergo that treatment as well- had to learn it somewhere. -Makes me very sad. I like your horse-whipped and tarred and feathered . Sounds perfectly logical to me! Or, stood in the stocks in the public square- say, on the courthouse lawn, with a box of overripe tomatoes nearby, and a sign that says ‘hit me’ painted on the stocks. know, hole for head and hands, cant sit, public embarrassment… It is NO less humane that for them to mortify and shame the child, which will last as long as his eternal soul will last. THAT abuse of a child should be a crime! Talk about bullying!

      • MadBag

        You reap what you sow. If the school hadn’t done something, who says the parents of the other child wouldn’t have been down at the school, possibly with an attorney demanding that the school accept respoonsibility for their child being sexually assaulted. Would they have had a problem finding an attorney to take their case to the tort court? I think not. Frankly, I find it ridiculous that the school did what it did, but can certainly understand them wanting to err on the side of reduced financial responsibility.

      • Ar Amytas

        ..and how many teeth did this “wienie tester” lose,James ??

      • Fred Stein

        I read the article and shook my head in disgust…political correctness has run amuk – in the days when I was an LEO we would have explained to the school officials that there was no crime – that if they considered it to be a discipline problem, then to handle it internally. In reality though, what are our schools doing charging the kids, and having them leave school with records? Won’t it be hard enough for kids to get ahead without unnecessary stains on their records or their psyche? The weenie test story made me laugh… of course boys learn when roughhousing that to get hit there hurts…all the more reason to try to hit there! I thank God I went though school at a time and place where our educators applied common sense (not to mention “the paddle”) to handle situations occuring in the school!

      • Michael McSpick


      • Asa

        I’m guessing the kid giving you the weenie test was most likely a victim of sexual abuse himself. He probably learned the weenie test from his uncle, or step-dad or the old man next door.

      • Z2

        Its more of the same stuff going on today. Its pretty crazy for sure


      • The Reaper

        Talk about inconsistency, charging a 6 year old with a crime on this but yet it is ok to have naked critical mass bike rallies at a matter of free speech/expression.

        In most communities if you are caught for indecent exposure and children are present, that is a real crime that should required registration for life under Meagan’s law.

        The disconnect in reason in the SF mentality is astounding.

      • ditchdigger2

        They whip each other other, It’s a sense of understanding, cold tar and feathers, naked in the streets of San Fran, could be a badge of honor? Let them minipulate your children, thats your choice.

      • Bill Strain

        Could the idiot that charged this six-year-old be the same idiot that used to give you “the wienie test”?

      • mirted

        This is what PC Nazis are. I have to wonder about the primary gender of the school decision and policy makers. Where do they get their ideas from? Many times, PC policy is simply a way of avoiding responsibility for what would have been their job 60 years ago. This goes way beyond that. . “Charging” a six year old with what is simple childhood sexual experimentation? Does anyone remember “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” in kindergarden?

        These folks have to be perverted themselves to think like this. They should be charged with child abuse for putting this child through this, then fired.

    • F. Y. Information

      Robert, it is “out of line” not “outline”

      • ron

        Robert probably went to a California school. Blame the teachers’ union.

      • bumpkin

        F.Y. In…, ?-you are a grammar teacher, and feel compelled to correct another’s speech? Over-reaction from you- just like the school faculty’s over-reaction to child’s play. Compulsion isn’t the problem at the receiving end- rather, it is a problem with the reacting/compelled end. Now, we ALL know if the accused kid screamed “I AM GAAAAY!! !” before he tagged the other kid, there would NOT have been a word said! Not ONE word! If I were on their school Board, there would be some SERIOUS changes made pronto in that school! Hateful jerks! War against heterosexuals. I submit some of these morons are working overtime to try to traumatize kids to the point that they can possibly alter their ‘normal’ development, by using strong-armed intimidation techniques. There ought to be a lawsuit against those involved in the emotional harm to this tender 6 year old and his self-esteem.

      • Jeff

        No, there should be a good old fashioned foot in ASS!

      • bumpkin

        Oh, and BTW, FYI, some people do not hear well, and still they do their very best to comply to your need for perfect grammar. However, I doubt that Robert cares one whit about your personal needs, in expressing his own opinion on this story. picky-picky…

      • Forest

        FYI — we really don’t appreciate grammar nazis either

      • Kile

        Forrest, that isn’t a grammar problem. That is a outright misuse of the word. “Out of line” and “outline” are to completely different things.

      • Grog Make Smash

        Why are people always automatically angry at being corrected? I love being corrected. I find it generally makes for improvement.

        This board does seem pretty ripe with people who resist correction. At first I thought it might be a prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, but then I realized it’s just the people who cannot stand to be corrected. Basting themselves in the bathwater of their own stagnant sense of the world around them.

        Grunt, umph. Grog no need metal. Rock smash. Grog keep smash. No tomorrow. Grog no believe evolution.

        By the way, did you catch the iron knee?

      • yarply

        Grog no believe evolution.

        Call me Grog.

      • yarply

        Do not rebuke a mocker or he will hate you; rebuke a wise man and he will love you.

      • yarply

        The above was in response to Grog Make Smash question; Why are people always automatically angry at being corrected?

        As usual this site placed the reply at the end of the comments.

        Why are people always automatically angry at being corrected? I love being corrected. I find it generally makes for improvement.

      • yarply

        I’ll try one more time.


        Just plain regardless would have worked better. The double negative connotation and its nonstandard usage tends to confuse us Grog’s.

      • Doug Hanson

        bumpkin, that should be “comply with.” You also could use “conform to.” :)

      • Grog Make Smash

        Irregardless, the lady and myself feel the board is ripe for iron knees.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        Well, you say you like being corrected…no such word as “irregardless”…. :-)

      • dee

        ‘irregardless’ is not a word. ‘myself’ can only be used following and referring to a personal pronoun.

        regardless, the lady and i feel the board…………

        (you need to study a grammar book since you cannot manage one simple sentence coherently. if you can read, you do not have to be illiterate.)

      • Mac

        You sound like an idiot. Buy a dictionary.

      • Herman Vogel

        Whatever you do, DON’T listen to the message,,, Kill the messenger,,,moron! You must be on the school board.

      • hillcoguy

        And YOU sound like a NIY PICKER! ;)

      • Doug Hanson

        Grog, I think mean *rife* with people who resist correction?

        You’re welcome.


      • Doug Hanson

        And I meant “I think *you* mean…” Ugh.

        Grog, how much are you asking for the “basting in the bathwater” line? I may want to use that one some time.

    • anonymous

      On the flip side of this, at the high school where my sister teaches, a 10th grade boy intentionally grabbed a teacher’s breast (the teacher is in her 20s.) She had previously given him a write up for his behavior and he had a grudge. He grabbed her to humiliate her in front of the other students. AND THE ADMINISTRATION DID NOTHING.

      The world has gone crazy.

      • Kile

        Why didn’t she report him to the police?

      • Fake Name

        Youre comparing the actions of a 6 year old to that of a 15 year old? The world has gone crazy both you and the teacher in this school have zero understanding of how to put things in perspective.

      • ditchdigger2

        My whole family are teachers, two generations, this was not a 10th. grader, he was a 6yr. old, there is a lot of difference, The teachers are the freeks, bay area. This was motavited by an agenda, Will destroy this child, because he is normal, Get your kids out of the puplic school system, better yet, out of Ca.

      • kmrod

        she could have (and SHOULD have) called the police IMMEDIATELY.

      • no more political correctness

        Why didn’t she report him to the police?…..well he was black and you know she would be raped if she told….that s how those people are

    • richard

      The boy hasn’t physically developed sexually yet. The maniacs running this school must be right wing fundie Christians because it takes a special weirdness to charge a small child with something like this. SICK.

      • JT

        Hey, it’s child abuse to put your kid in public school, and subject them to a) this kind of treatment from the establishment, b) the lowest common denominators of human behavior, c) all the typical liberal anti-Christ attitudes and instruction, d) the government mentality that all the children are theirs to raise as they see fit.

      • Bw00ds

        No, Richard, you are incorrect! “Right wing fundie Christians” would NOT have reacted this way in the least. It is only bent-out-of-shape, PC, typically over-reactive liberals that react and behave this way. It is SICK, I agree.



      • Kevin

        Hey religious bigot… the school is a secular school in the Bay Area… yeah I’m sure it’s “right wing Christians”.

      • Forest

        You don’t the definition of ‘secular’ do you?

      • Forest

        You don’t know the definition of ‘secular’ do you?

      • Mynameiscommonsense

        There must be something in the water in San Francisco to create such distorted thought in the teachers at this school and in the voters who keep electing Nancy “botox” Pelosi to Congress

      • GotMullet?

        Doubt it.

      • rbcintexas

        No right wing Christians would NOT react like this because they realize that these were just kids and do not even comprehend the act like the PC idiots do.

        A child goes through phases from a baby to toddler to preschooler to child to pre-teen to teen to college to adult. These idiots think that children go from baby to adults with the critical thinking of an adult.

      • New York Nick

        “go from baby to adults with the critical thinking of an adult.”

        Funny thing (sad) is that that PC/ Leftist crowd will NEVER grow up and never reach critical, adult thinking, and in fact act worse than children most of the time. Liberalism at it’s worse is arrested development combined with often out and out mental illness. (See the Savage New York Times bestseller ‘Liberalism IS a mental disorder’)

      • Viking

        Thank you for further solidifying my case for a national movement to expel California from the Union. Give them the autonomy and sovereignty to create the cultural dystopia they so desperately try to pack down the rest of America’s throat. I guarantee it’ll attract the rest of the continent’s defectives like a Bowery drunk to a bottle of Night Train. Think of it: truly restoring the United States of America and all that it was and stood for, simply by initiating a reverse revolution.

      • Scotty

        So can we do the same for the likes of Mississippi and others for still living with pre civil rights mentalities? Fair is fair.

      • Jack Gist

        California is truly messed up, agreed!

      • Jack Gist

        Did I read this correctly, it was a California school?

      • Ed Stark

        Total garbage, it takes a left-wingnut of unparalleled PC devotion and complete lack of common sense… wait I could have just said ‘liberal,’ sorry for the redundancy- to not understand the basics of human development.

        It’s CA, Richard. What do you think the chances are of conservative educators in a CA school? Let me back that up- what do you think the chances are of conservative educators being the majority in ANY school in this entire nation?

        No, this has liberal written all over it. Man up for once in your life and own your mistakes Richard. You people are mentally deranged.

      • bigboy

        oh you’re so wrong any rules are results of bitter rejects from the left who were losers in the childhood realm and now will legislate what behaviors they’ll allow!

      • phil

        Sorry Chump, it’s a well known fact that Women dominate the teaching ranks, not to mention the fact that in K-6, the teachers are 95% women! Wanna no why Americans are so stupid compared with other countries, ask the Dumb women who are merely rectors over these students. You can thank Womens Lib, Men /Haters for this feminization of very, young men!, That cannot even handle a 6 year old!

      • Robert

        There are no right wing conservatives in San Francisco, you have to move over to the valley to find some of those types.

      • n

        I love how one comment showing distaste for a political view gets bombarded by several other comments deriding another political view and naming supporters of that view “immature”. Everyone should just grow up here, really.

      • Linda Falke

        Richard: I am a, “right wing fundie Christian,” and I oppose what the school did to this little boy. What they did was not only ridiculous and mind-numbingly stupid, but it was also out of line! Maybe you should THINK before you type the first IDIOTIC, ignorant thought that pops into that small mind of yours.

        But hey! Why should an ignorant, small-minded man like you care about facts?

    • jimmy

      i bet the Principe was the one touching the kids.He framing the 6 year old.

    • Constitution

      Just another case of a total police state. CPS will probably try to kidnap the child now and sell him to a foster home or to a group that particpates in sex trade.

    • FedUp101

      This has gone on long enough. The Administrator that prompted this action needs to be arrested on violation of the childs’ civil rights. If we had any prosecutors in this country with brain one this would have happened long ago and we wouldn’t have to put up with this bs!

    • Gibbs Bentley

      “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken


    • bambam0099

      My God, our country is so fu##’ed up. Political correctness run amuck.

    • Progressive Suxx

      These same dried-up drips (aka ‘progressives’) who found this kid ‘guilty’ would have no problem with two little boys of that age sleeping together, or even more an adult man sleeping with them.

      Weird, aren’t they?

      Perverted, aren’t they?

      • JByrd42

        You naled it. SF is full of sick pc liberals. Ban tag, dodgeball and king of the hill, but two boys sleeping together? That’s just fine.

    • Jim

      I believe this was a case where the establishment attacked the child because maybe the parents were vocal in the school and trying them to improve the academics. As with all Stalinist regimes, you need to use fear and intimidation to keep people from questioning authority. The favorite tactic of the Left is to attack and discredit their opponents, since they can argue the merits of the argument. Clearly the Principal was using this incident to embarrass and silence the parents. The goal was to create an atmosphere where the other parents would say “don’t listen to Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so, their kid is a sexual predator”. Welcome to the new America where our internet is taped, our skies have drones to watch us,

    • haffne

      this the results of the teachers taking control of the schools and school boards through their unionization. Thank heavens we now have Govenor Scott Walker do what needed to be done 30 years ago.

      • Helene Selwood Ahern

        Don’t listen to kmrod . He’s a name calling idiot.

      • Japes Macfarland

        Oops, I meant to say that the idiot who called you an idiot is kmrod!! :)

      • Japes Macfarland

        The teachers unions are synonymous with the Left in general and all of the Left’s values. The user below (haffne) who said you are an idiot, is the idiot for not knowing this. The Department of Ed has been educating our kids for 40+ years now, since Carter, and things have gotten exponentially worse exactly along with how much more and more they spend of other people’s earnings per student. The Left have decimated education in our great country, the evidence is glaringly obvious, and they still won’t admit. That, is idiocy.

      • kmrod

        “this the results of the teachers taking control of the schools and school boards through their unionization. ……………..”

        you’re an idiot.

      • MarktheTwain

        He’s dead on. The teachers union lets teachers and administrators get away with this moronic attitude with no repercussion. Unions do not equal accountability.


      Just finished reading an article about a 7 year old who thinks he’s a “Transgender” child…someone please explain to me how in the hell a 7 year old child knows anything about transgender anything?

      • Paul in FL

        You’re kidding, right? A child’s very first thoughts and the earliest memories for most people are about the difference between the sexes, realizing which one you are, and wondering about the differences. This starts to take place around the age of 2 or 3, or even earlier.

    • Damian Housman

      In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.

      Mark Twain

    • ditchdigger2

      They have full knowlege of child development, Think they can rerout it, to suit their own appetite. They do this to small boys, imagine what subtle subversion they are inflicting on the young girls?

    • yogiman

      A whole lot, Robert… too damn much.

    • Jim Dea

      no need to wonder. The are doing EVERYTHING wrong!

    • freddie mason

      Its the school officials who should be checked. If children cant even play tag anymore. They are children. Babies. Officials should stay out of some things children are innocent at 6 and dont even know about sexual things. Your the ones who need the help.

  • rudebutcool1

    these are the people who we trust with our children…school administrators have become PC idiots

    • carl

      teachers are smart and educated; adminstrators even more so. In fact, they are smarter than you and more educated. they are probably parents too

      so the, why do these smart, educated people over react time and again?

      maybe, because they feel they have to protect themselves from parents who sue the district over mundane issues; something that is more frequent in the past 20 years than ever before.

      these teachers are are reacting to society folks; blame them or blame ourselves.

      • proudnot2bliberal

        ok sure the same LIEberal BS we have been told for decades Mr Marx

      • vanyali

        That is not the real story. The real story is that schools use tactics like this to scare people into leaving the school, as a way of controlling their school population (and therefore their school’s testing pool and test scores). The public school in my neighborhood in Montgomery Co. Maryland used these same tactics to push out any poor black or Hispanic kids who found their way into the school.

      • RM

        Smart and educated, with NO COMMON SENSE. That escaped your attention, Carl.

      • Robert Nagel

        Speak for yourself, but I highly doubt that the average teacher or administrator is smarter than I. That said we are not talking about intelligence we are talking about common sense and on that point I would state that they are in the lowest quadrant of America.

      • GotMullet?

        I am with you guys, Robert and Carl. You should use common sense, but there are also big time Lefties in SFO. You can’t do nothing right no matter what.

        There is no refuge. Hey you home schoolers! Coming to a theater near you…

        It is already a crime in Germany to home school your own children, even with severe abilities. You say not here? Whenever Europe sneezes, America catches cold. And it always starts in SFO.

  • john

    Only in California? no I guess not.

    • FritzK3

      NO! ONLY IN AMERICA – or at least what was America!

      • Tim Holt

        You both missed it. L I B E R A L S and liberalism.

      • Clem Close

        Just another reason to get your children out of the government mind control camps. — http://911essentials.com

    • Grizzled Gringo

      In California sexual battery is only when you touch someone to get off, not tag. Its a school thing here but they can’t over ride state law. My kid went to an assembly in middle school recently they were told even accidental toughing of bathing suit areas was sexual assault. They are out of their mind. I’m going to bring it up at a school board meeting. This guy should be commended for standing up to these idiots. I’m seriously considering home school next year.

      • Don

        I agree about home schooling or Christian school. They would think twice if most everyone left public schools. They would lose money.

    • Fred in Boise

      This is one time I hope the family gets a starving savant lawyer and sues the district and the individuals for a horrendous amount of money. the incompetent morons. These people are stupid to the point of perversion. The poor kid will carry the demons of the experience for the rest of his life.

      • Kate

        Yet there are probably sodomites working at the school, but that is alrightl

      • Plubius

        Is that how you defend pedophiles? I won’t ask your occupation.

      • Plubius

        You lost me with the sodomites working at the school being alright. And, I can’t find any other comment regarding sodomites.
        I guess one could use what is aparantly your line of thougth and ask….there are probably smokers working at the school, but that is alrgiht!

      • Plubius

        This reply was ment for Kate’s comment regarding sodomites working at the school being OK.

      • CC Coleman

        Well, if it is Kalifornia… and it is in the Bay Area… do the math. Equating smokers to sodomites? McFly, I think we have another Kalifornia nut here!

      • JamesAt17

        Kalifornia and Amerika. Are those intended misspelling or just stupid people that cannot spell California and America as is the correct spelling?

      • Aji

        It’s intentional.

      • Frank Houston

        This is correct if you are an Obama kool-aid drinker.

      • hiway280z

        No common sense. They need to worry about adult teachers having real sex with the kids. That happens all the time but they seem to usually over look that. I hope he sue’s them for a LOT of money then he can be home schooled

      • JustAGuy

        Let all the sane people flee California before it’s too late.

        The LAPD and the FBI are already practicing their black helicopter manuvers to keep the sheeple in their place.

        Oh yea, Obama 2012 if you want more of this!

      • laffin'atcha

        Maybe he can learn from the experience too. Like as soon as he’s old enough, get the HELL out of California…

      • lethalenoki

        To JustAGuy: How in the hell have you possibly made a connection between the absurdity of a 6-year-old being charged with sexual assault for playing tag and the policies of Barack Obama? What the hell sort of brain do you have in that presumably abnormally thick skull? Please don’t reproduce.

      • Braden

        To lethalenoki: How the hell do you possibly make a connection to the absurdity of a six year old being charged with sexual assault to the policies of President Obama? Let me show you the ways. First of all this took place in San Francisco, California. A very liberal city in a very liberal state that voted overwhelmingly for Obama and votes overwhelmingly for liberals and liberal policies. Secondly, the decision to charge a six year old for playing a game of tag was passed down by teachers in the public education system. A system that is controlled by the National Teachers Federation. A union, that like practically all unions, is a left-leaning organization where practically all of it’s members, i.e, teachers, follow their political mantra to a capital T. Now, do you still fail to see the connection between Obama’s policies and the absurdity of a six year old being charged with sexual harassment? If you don’t, then perhaps you should take your own advice and not reproduce. We have enough people who possess brains with abnormally thick skulls. We sure don’t need anymore now do we?

      • Moderation

        Forget the lawsuit – fire anyone involved in pushing the “investigation” and save the taxpayers some money.

      • fulredy

        California and its liberal demagoguery continues to make a mockery of human behavior and plain old common sense.

    • Normal In NH

      Only in regions where they elect people like Pelosi…

    • NooYawkah

      Who amongst us has never punched their best friend in the nuts in the name of horseplay? No one? Methinks not. Who here would like to punch me in the nuts for using amongst and methinks in the same comment?

      • Nu Yawk

        Not a nut punch, but maybe an Indian Burn, though that is probably prohibited as racist.

      • Vermonster

        To Noo Yawka: Shakespeare you ain’t. Yoo nuts ain’t worth the handscrubbing such a sucka punch would ensue. Now back on your bahstool and rinse your
        mouth/mind out (again)

      • WillieRedChief

        Never did that to my friends,,,,!!! Kicked a few guys that I didn’t really care for. Never got kicked by a friend either.

      • Jeff

        Gave a good wedgie once.

      • meh

        to be quite honnest, i have never done that

      • desert

        you too have a major problem!

    • Christopher F Cheney

      john not to you though you welcome to read it. the school knew they were wrong from the start and how can you make a 6 year old admit something when he playing tag i don’t even think he knows anyhting nor do i think the girl had any issues. beyond ridlious they should sue the school

    • Plubius

      What kind of people become public school teachers? What adult would accuse a six year old of sexual anything? I can answer my own question a pervert. It is reasonable to assume that an adult who finds children sexually attractive would seek jobs where those children are in numbers. I am not saying all teachers are pedophiles; what I am saying is those who are pedophiles would chose teaching. The hiring practices in America go to extremes to protect the privacy of people to the point of allowing the fox in the chicken house.

    • Edzo

      The Niners better be careful next year when they play in S.F. They all could end up in BIG trouble lol

      • David

        ALL football teams playing in CA better be careful or they’ll wake up one day and be bombarded with sexual assault cases. Better yet, maybe NFL should just boycott Pelosi Land.

    • Chris W

      Enough is enough. Grab the principal and castrate him

  • Mace

    Just another unfortunate example of the cowardly and foolish people we have running our schools. Six year olds are not just incapble of forming intent, they wouldn’t know what intent to form because they have no sex drive. Oh, I’m sure some feminist would say sexual assault isn’t about sex, it’s about power and they’d be right. It’s about the power of stupidity to charge a six year old for something the kid is incapable of. The school needs to be charged with assault on the six year old and the parents need to sue.

    • Control Burn 2012

      It would be important to know who saw him do this, and who reported him. If it’s a teacher or administrator, there are some serious issues there. If it’s the child that was ‘brushed’ we may have another problem. What are our kids being taught and why would they assume they are being sexual assaulted from a simple child’s game with a classmate?

    • cadgbd

      How about charging the school with false imprisonment, kidnapping, and torture, for holding the kid in detention whilst coercing a “confession”.

      this is nineteeneightyfour

      • phocus

        Where are the grownups? Sounds like the school is being run by morons…or liberals.

      • C. Andrews

        Clearly, they’re just following the example set by the jackboots in our government. It’s all in the name of protecting our freedoms.

      • http://sk1wbw.wordpress.com Wayne

        I want to know this as well. Are principal’s members of the legal system and/or law enforcement system? You don’t “confess” things to a principal.

      • beazr

        I like that and anyone can be killed legally for unlawful arrest which is kidnapping. Lucky he wasn’t my son….they would already be dead. 1776 trumps 1984. Trade liberty for security and have neither. Nor do you deserve either.
        Amerika is 1984, TSA = Brownshirts and SS, The 2nd amendment protects the rest of your amendments and rights. Corporation aren’t people. People run corporations. Remove the people and the Corp. dies

      • SA

        Really. These nuts must be stopped. They are causing serious harm and there are no laws out there preventing this kind of hysterical and ridiculous behavior. Who are these people running the schools? No wonder kids are turning out so badly these days. The people who did this are worse than bonkers, they’re criminals.

      • Tom


        Moron, liberal—You are redundant.

    • John Green

      I have to agree he was playing tag, The school Adminastrator and the board should all be fired…This 6 year old will have this on his mind for the rest of his life…ONLY IN CALIFORINA

      • Jerrel

        Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. ONLY in San Francisco. The major cities bring down the rest of the state.

    • Bonzo

      Hercules is not even close to SFO , it’s on the east side of the bay which is whole different planet than SF, but still the leftists who run the state and public schools makes this story no surprise whatsoever. And these idiots who run the schools are the same power-hungry idiots who later run for public office.

    • Claudia Pieroni

      Stupid comment, but funny nevertheless.

    • George

      You got that right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • osint

      Clearhead, accidentally clicked REPORT COMMENT…meant to click REPLY. My bad. LOL.

      Good point on the ‘pedophiliac baggage’! :)

    • jack_433

      This is your Federal Department of Education at work, folks. Abolish the Department of Education

    • Jb Dean


  • David Kenady

    Why is it when I read news out of California and particularly the Bay Area, it is always complete insanity?? What has happened to that state? You would think school officials would know how to handle a 6 year old student. Apparently not.

    • Allan Szast

      Always refered to California as the land of fruits and nuts

      • JByrd42

        sketch- You are either a moron or an illegal. Either way, do us all a favor and go play on the freeway!

      • SAR2012tcg25

        You missed “flakes and illegals” – between the four categories, it explains all of the problems with The Peoples Republik of Kalifornia. If the 40% or so of the population who are normal & American could move inland fifty miles, we could trigger the fault lines and sink the remaining two-legged toxic waste into the Pacific. Sharks gotta eat, too. Even better if we could add the fruits, nuts, flakes and Illegals from the rest of the nation first. Granted, that would leave Chicago a ghost town & much of the East Coast equally underpopulated, but “what a wonderful thing it would be!”

      • sketch

        SAR2012tcg25 has been polishing up on his Hitler attitude.

      • UpChuck Liberals

        And here I thought it was Sparkly Unicorns and Moonbeams and energy that just magically appeared out of the wall plug.

      • george

        Some sure are touchy tonight, they need to lghten up a little. I agree with you thiugh except Nancy P. she is a special catagory.

      • cactus02

        Fruits , nuts , and flakes all rolled together

    • ummm

      perhaps one reason that you so often hear negative stories about the san francisco area is that it has been appropriated as a symbol of the poltical opposition by the Vast Right-Wing Propaganda Complex. or did you not know that the drudgereport is gop kool-aid?

      • jerry

        A symbol of the political opposition by the Vast Right Wing Propaganda Complex… What? SF is what SF is, a cesspool of liberal, gay lovin’ freaks that pours their own kool aid, and then tries to tell everyone it is something else. So, perhaps your idea of one reason for the negative stories is just a ruse.

      • Geno

        Drudge … this story is by SanFran CBS affiliate.

      • Jim Vertein

        Yep you busted us, we have a team of right wingers that just report hundreds of bad stories about the liberal bastion known as SF, sorry guys we got busted time to fold up shop and head to another city

    • john

      “What happened to that state?”


    • Dee Zee

      Don’t blame all of us…..Those of us in San Diego are still normal….

    • McSorley

      Any sane person has their kid in private school in California especially conservative families. Because they have generally abandoned the public school system there is really very little opposition to the teachers unions, liberals and special interest groups that are now just completely out of control without anyone to slow them down.

    • Marian

      David, I could not agree more. I’m not sure what brought these educators to lose their common sense. Perhaps it’s this litigious society and administrators and teachers are afraid of having to defend themselves in a court. When I was in the second grade, two boys like to chase me during recess and try to kiss me. LOL. Never thought of suing them but my mother’s advice was to smack one of them; i did and they didn’t chase me anymore. All in all it was just children being children.

      • Pete


        Same thing happened to me. My mother said it was because we lived in SF.

      • JByrd42

        Marian, we grew up in a different time. Where we had a little bit of sanity. I live in California, and can tell you, this is just the tip of the iceberg. My son will be attending a private school next year. The public school system is just sick!

      • Gary

        the educators are products of the same dumb them down system they now work in!

    • steve tanton

      “Those who go into education in general are the ones who score lowest on their college entrance exams.” – Thomas Sowell

  • Bill Meyer

    Reason number 4,328,572 why if you love your children, get them out of government school. Better yet, use something besides government curriculum. It’s all about inculcating agendas, and producing a docile, non-thinking drone workforce. This school’s administration is a perfect product of such thinking.

    • Pensieve

      You are perfectly correct. I cannot believe people take the very real risk of subjecting their kids to moral monsters, like this principal in the story. I home schooled – and it was worth the sacrifice.

    • g bluff

      Sadly, too many parents are brainwashed too. They watch tv and would never question the status Quo. I feel bad for these parents currently. The destruction of the human intellect begins in kindergarten * thanks for the word Prussian school of the mind* Pavlov would be proud.

      Charlotte Iserbyt’s book on the” Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” is free on line… But, what does she know… She was just undersecretary of education under Reagan.

      • James

        At the same time, the old maxim “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned In Kindergarten” still holds true.

        I live in South Africa – where we have a truly appalling school system – and I see the basics I learned as a child in the US completely overlooked here, even simple knowledge regarding safety.

    • sui winn

      as a former Master teacher, I quit ! Public school policies are nuts. Zero common sense. They spend more time on silly “feel good” group think than they do teaching the subjects. If parents cared they would take their children out of public schools .

    • michael

      yes they produce a drone workforce for a society with a shortage of jobs and then they call the unemployed deadbeats, brilliant

      • Robert Nagel

        This country does not have a shortage of jobs. This country has a shortage of jobs for self absorbed and incompetent products of the public educational system. If they were to get a skill, a real skill, they would find jobs aplenty.

      • Rocco

        Robert — no, there’s a real shortage of “real” jobs. There are tons of people with good private-sector educations and practical degrees (engineering and so forth) or experience in skilled blue-collar trades, who are reduced to low-paying jobs not suitable for their level of experience or skill or education.

        We’re in an outright depression and decline, brought about by too many ruling-class bureaucrats and too many shortsighted and exploitative multinational corporations bleeding this nation dry — we now have a full-fledged class of apathetic, dependent rabble, plenty of salesman and warehouse clerks to sell and inventory Chinese-made products, and very little real productivity.

        As for the public schools and stories like this — this kind of “administration” is beyond sinful and beyond grotesque. Apparently the “administrators” at this hellhole masquerading as a “school” are warped and depraved to the point of being demonic.

  • one one

    Send an Email. I did. I am sure they would love to hear from you about how they have made a laughing stock out of our school system.

    Charles Ramsey, President Email: charamsey@comcast.net
    Madeline Kronenberg, Clerk Email: mkronen@aol.com
    Antonio Medrano Email: amedrano3@sbcglobal.net
    Elaine R. Merriweather Email: elainemerriweather@gmail.com
    Tony Thurmond Email: tony@tonythurmond.com

  • Michael

    This is what the left has done to our schools and our children. Shameful, the left is simply shameful

    • Ratt

      Michael, you must rise above the left vs. right thing, it keeps you trapped in limbo which is the plan. It’s right vs. wrong. always has been always will be. There’s plenty of wrong to go around on the right. Please watch Conspiracy of Silence and balance your thinking.

      • Sammy

        And you believe everthing you read and watch on TV. The progressive movement controls alot of the Media.

      • SerfCityHereWeCome

        The right isn’t always right, but the left IS always, repeat, always, wrong.

      • proudpollyanna

        You’re right Ratt…. the plan to keep us busy with the whole ‘I hope my team wins’ mentality. The team should be called love. All of humanity should be on the same side. There are those who walk in darkness, coming from all creeds, cultures, and colors. These people are so brainwashed by the current propaganda, they are convinced they should never look up and ask, “stop, hey what’s that sound, everybody look whats going down”. If you believe in prayer, pray for these wayward souls, other wise just send up the good vibe. Only Love will conquer the ills of this world.

      • Jonsie

        Yeah, but the Left nearly always are wrong!

      • pjz

        The right has 0 control of our schools. PC rules and parents who complain are considered toublemakers.

  • Al Phresceaux

    Another example of what happens when the schools are run by educators instead of teachers.

  • Andy Del Tor

    Lawyers are the vilest people on earth, school administrators are the stupidest. When the stupidest are afraid of the vilest, this is what we get.

    • valleygreaser

      Did you read the story? The school didn’t back down untill the boy’s lawyer showed up. Lawters are rescuing citizens every day from crazed bureaucrats. If not for lawyers our right would be trampled into oblivion.

      • Anonymike

        If you can afford one. Or you are part of that group that gets one for free. If you are in the middle, forget you. But be sympathetic. A lifetime of torment for you is a lifetime of vacations, tuition and boat payments for them.

      • valleygreaser

        Stereotypes about lawyers is probably one of the reasons some people don’t go get their help when it is needed. Obviously, the rich can afford to pay them and the poor have Legal Aid services available. The middle class, however, also has options. Legal fees can be far less than people imagine, lawters will work with people to make their services available and there are groups that take cases pro bono when religious liberty is violated. Students being punished for exersizing their right to free religious expression are often represented by such groups. In the final analysis I’d rather make a boat payment for a lawyer than have my child’s rights trampled like the kid in this case. This kid could have been scarred for life by this stupid school. Instead, he’ll aways remember with pride that his folks stood up for him, even if it meant they had to pony up a legal fee in his behalf.

    • Robert Nagel

      Imagine what we get when they mate.

  • Ralph Online

    You could not pay me enough money to move to Cali, and I try my darndest to not buy products or services originating in Cali. Let them suffocate on their own foolishness.

    • Ex-California

      In its day, California was not so bad. I lived there and graduated from the California state college system when I got out of the Army in the 60s. Since those days, however, it has turned into a bedlam of sorts. As usual, people get the system they deserve.

  • Joe P. Fritzbocker

    Maybe the school administrators should be tested for mental acuity and placed in the nearest school for morons.

  • Don Atkinson

    Before I opened this article, my first guess was California. Oh gee, I was right.

  • Sara Bellum

    No, This is about Smashing any and every individual, natural expression at the earliest possible age so that by the time they reach teenage hood, they will know how to Fall In Line and Behave like the State Expects us to. Or else we will brand you with some charge and institutionalize you.

    Wake Up Peeps! Especially you folks on the Leftist Coast!

    • scotty432

      Curious if the principal or other persons present are pedophiles. One of the traits of a pedophile is the projection of sexual thoughts, desires and intent upon children.

      I hope there is a civil suit, full discovery, and an open hearing with testimony to lock these fools on the record, for their actions.

  • Bill Jones

    The end is near! Rome is collapsing.

  • Self Tot

    The Dept of Education is the home of the craziest “just following orders” drones in the top-heavy anti-productive social control bureaucracy called DC. The Dept of Miseducation needs to be closed down. Let’s get it closed by the first week of January 2013.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Actually the best we can possibly hope for is the beginning of the fourth week.

  • USN036

    And the Kid was kept against his will untill he confessed to this crime…SIEG HEIL my Principle.

    • LEL MN

      I wonder how long it takes a six-year-old to get hungry and bored? The little pervert held out for two hours resisting the giant interrogator, he’s obviously not easily intimidated.

  • Mike G

    Well folks, is this the type of Hope and Change you were expecting from Obama and his fellow travelers in the Teacher’s unions?

    • David Christensen

      And was anyone listening to the SOTU and the dungheap of praise for teachers? I know many people who home school their children. These kids are the most well-adjusted socially, most knowledgeable, and most successful.

  • linda

    would you pahleesee, this is as bad as saying children have the maturity to decide what sex they want to be….ridiculous

  • IVillageIdiot

    The sad part of this problem is, that the problem was not solved and that its ONLY the “tip of the iceberg”. All of these schools have the problem, they are managed by politically susceptible, fiscally vulnerable, socially indoctrinated group of pseudo-intellectuals that are trapped in a rat cage between a Union that uses them lake so many batteries, a public that is dubious of their motives and methods, and State apparatchiks that need them to finish the mission of converting these tikes into good little Maoist that vote the party line, particularly bond measures for schools!

    And then we expect good outcomes? Wha…?

    SOLUTION: Ubiquitous Computer-Aided Home-schooling.


    • george

      Sure wish there was a “Like” button for this comment thread.

  • fish

    Sometimes court is the wrong place to settle matters. The parents should just walk into the principal’s office, drag him outside, and beat the liberal senseless to learn him what assault is. America needs to get back to kicking the sh** of of lliberals who try to force their distorted view of the world on the rest of us.

    • baboy

      Exactly what I was thinking, Fish. Had that been my kid, I would have given the school district and principal a courtesy call to give them 24 hours for the ‘educator’ to either resign immediately, or be fired effective immediately. The next day I’d go in and if this educator was still there, I would beat them for terrorizing and bullying my child. Bad enough when other children are bullies; now they have to put up with it from educators?

  • Clete Torres

    Only in San Fran sicko:

    The gays are allowed to roam the streets groping each other, and 6-year olds are sexual criminals.

    This is a liberal’s wet-dream come true.

  • cRAIG

    Did the one kid grab the other kid’s dooey?

  • Tim Kelly

    It is not what the kid did
    It is what the pervert thought

    If they have a dirty mind in thought
    Image what dirty deeds they do

  • Tim Kelly

    So who has the dirty mind ?

    The child or the teacher ?

    Someone had to think like this

    what kind of person would jump to that kind of conclusion ?

    Think it might be time for background checks

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