OAKLAND (KCBS) – Oakland police said that having to deal with Occupy protests throughout the day on Saturday meant fewer cops patrolling the street in areas with a high crime rate.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said that at least 200 low priority calls to police on Saturday night did not receive a response because officers were tied up with the protesters.

And over the past 48 hours or so, six homicides were reported in the city, including a couple that was found dead Friday night near Lake Merritt and a person whose body was found hanging from a structure at the Port of Oakland Saturday afternoon.

Oakland Police Department spokeswoman Johnna Watson said that at times, the city was unprotected.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

“We had to shift them to the Occupy movement,” she said. “So we have to really look at that from the law enforcement perspective and from the city perspective. Our number one priority and goal is to protect life and property in this city.”

Multiple shootings late Saturday night and early Sunday morning resulted in two people being killed and several others injured. The most violent incident occurred in the 1700 block of 20th Avenue at 1:48 a.m. as a total of four people were shot, one dead, another in critical condition and two in stable condition. Shortly before that, another person was shot and killed in the 3400 block of Ettie Street.

19-year-old Christian Dixon was fatally shot and killed Friday night in the 800 block of Center Street.

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Comments (12)
  1. Justin Goble says:

    like this is aing new oakland has a constant rash of homicides . oakland is just a big rash itself

  2. Donald Wright says:

    Dear reporter: The headline should be “Rash of Homicides Hits [sic] Oakland.” Subject-verb agreement: please look into it. (And to those who fancy themselves morally superior, here, let me express your outrage for you to save you from your predictable incoherent rambling: “How could you be so petty? Don’t you know that people DIED? Where is your compassion? You have no heart!” There now! Don’t you feel better already?)

  3. henry says:

    don’t blame the protesters, Oakland has had 100 plus killings since i been watching the news in the 80’s….. maybe if the companies like Michelin and all the other factory jobs hadn’t left oakland it wouldn’t be the detroit of the west coast, oh but the companies left there too. no jobs means you end up with high unemployment rates!!!!! can someone say globalization, leave the protesters alone!!! and the cops and mayor should join the 99% bringing oakland jobs should be the priority not arresting the hippies!! dummys

    1. boycottoakland says:

      It not the loss of jobs that have cause the killings, it was the progressive attitude of the last four Mayor who believed that the state owed the people a living, why work when you can get a life time of food stamps, a life time of free medical. and a life time of free section 8 housing or federally subsidized housing, Now that you got everything for free it is human nature to always want more, so without a job the lowlife gang bangers turn to crime to buy the MP3 or the new flat screen and the only way they can get money is to steal, kill or sell drugs.
      Get rid of progressives like Quan and things will get better over time,

      oldfart go to http://www.stinkingpolitics.com

      1. Nancy Valerio says:

        You’re living in a right wing dream world. Wake up!

    2. Nancy Valerio says:

      right on henry!

      1. honest Abe says:

        Haha. Right OFF, Nancy and Henry. Yes various factories from the old days closed up in Oakland. But that was decades ago. If you think loss of those factory jobs is the main reason for nowaday’s nonstop crime in Oakland, you get your flimsy propaganda from the same non-local political activists who lied to you about an imaginary Michelin Tires factory ever having been located in Oakland, CA.

    3. Elsie says:

      Seriously?? Oakland averages about 150 homicides a year. If you began watching the news in the 80’s then you would know that Oakland has had about 45,000 homicides since then. We can be conservative and say, 100 homicides a year and the number then would be about 31,000 but in reality is is just under 45,000 since 1980. Unfortunately, no only does Oakland have a high unemployment rate but it has a massively high high school drop out rate as well. And truth be told, even if the manufacturing jobs were in Oakland – there are so many people without jobs that have college degrees that people with no high school diploma or only a diploma won’t be able to compete for the jobs anyway.

  4. a says:

    If you live in Oakland and don’t want to be a victim then stay inside your home at night. Who in the right mind roam the streets late at night unless you are a low life thugs or up to no good.

    1. Elsie says:

      Interesting attitude. The #1 job of our government is suppose to be protect our streets and borders. Women and children should not have to be afraid to be outside any time. Neither should anyone be afraid while trying to conduct business. It is a major failing of this country, our government, and its citizens that the one thing our government is tasked to do they don’t do well at all.

      Neither staying in all the time, nor having a police state is the answer. The answer is that we need all Americans to step up to the plate and learn how to be civilized human beings, friends, and neighbors once again. When civility is lost only the thugs can be free.

  5. JCC says:

    Oakland is like Stockton’s big brother to the south, major gang problems. It has nothing to do with the Occupy group other than moving some of the police resources over to deal with them. SOme of the thugs in that area have taken advantage of the occupy movement to be what they are and that’s criminals.

  6. awe says:

    How are those Gun Control measures doing Mr. Brown? You disarm honest citizens and leave them without police protection.You know police protection the liberal idea of a substitute for honest citizens carrying for their own protection. This blood is on your head Jerry Brown and all the liberals in California. Way to go you killed more Californians.Democrats should be ashamed. But of course they are not. Polosi Boxer Feinstien are well protected dont you worry.

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