SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A fight over whose turn it was to read a newspaper at San Francisco’s Portola Branch Library led to a man getting stabbed in the face with a pen on Saturday afternoon, police said.

The attack was reported at about 2:15 p.m. at the library, located at 380 Bacon St.

Officers arrived to find the 46-year-old victim with a cut under one of his eyes and blue ink all over his face and hands, according to police.

The victim said he was in the library reading a newspaper when another man confronted him over whose turn it was to read the paper, police said.

The argument escalated and both men went outside, where the suspect punched the victim, then stabbed him just below the eye with a pen, causing a gash in his skin, according to police.

The suspect tried to stab him again, but the pen had broken and ink spilled all over the victim, police said.

Officers responded and detained the suspect nearby in the 200 block of Somerset Street.

The victim and other witnesses at the library identified the suspect, whose name has not yet been released, and he was booked at the Police Department’s Bayview Station on suspicion of aggravated assault, police said.

The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital to be treated for his injuries, which are not life-threatening.

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Comments (7)
  1. patty cakes says:

    i guess the pen is mightier then the sword

  2. removeMirkarimi says:

    All the DA will do is take away his library card for 6 months,

    for the joke of the day go to

  3. oldfart says:

    I just couldn’t help mentioning this old joke

    What is black and white and read/red all over

    no not a nun in a blender but

    the newspaper at the Portola branch library

    oldfart at www>

  4. CC says:

    Wow!! Grown Ups fighting over who’s turn it is to use a newspaper?
    It is time out for them!!
    Put them on a chair with their noses in the corner for fighting.

  5. s.f. peaches says:

    The public library has become too dangerous for the average person. That statement sounds extreme, but what happened today at the Portola Branch isn’t that big a surprise.

    I used to visit the library several times a week to use the internet computers, and encountered too many confrontational types. They were willing to slug it out over whose turn it was to use the computer.

    Three months ago, I bought my first home computer. It’s a financial drain, but the threats at the library got to be too much.

  6. DougM says:

    I guess criminals are all over the place not only in the Mission District.

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