California’s Assembly Leader Aims To Slash College Costs

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – California’s Assembly Speaker John Perez wants to cut college costs by two thirds, and funding the plan by cutting corporate tax breaks to raise a billion dollars each year.

Perez was expected to introduce his plan in Sacramento Wednesday.

It looks to reduce tuition and fees at the state’s colleges and universities for middle class families with incomes less than $150,000. By eliminating a corporate tax break, the state would have enough to offer a $4,000 break to CSU students, and $8,100 in savings for UC students.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

This comes as other lawmakers are pushing plans to give students relief on fees and textbooks. Amy Laitenen is a policy analyst with the DC think tank Education Sector, and a Cal grad.

“Higher education is supposed to be a public good, at least in part, and it’s increasingly becoming a private good. States need to figure out whether they want to maintain it as a public good or not,” said Laitenen.

The plan requires a two thirds vote of the legislature, and Republicans are unlikely to approve any tax changes.

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  • Phillip Ung - Editor

    I wish I didn’t have to say this, but the proposal is too good to be true. On a policy perspective it is marginally creative. From a political perspective, it is DOA because Republicans in the Legislature have already said they will not close these loopholes.

    I cynical way (and yes I’m a cynic) to look at this proposal is to remember it is an election year where every vote will be a campaign issue. Democrats want to win and achieve a 2/3s majority. This bill would require politicians to choose between out-of-state corporations or home state students. Either way someone votes they are going to be hit over the head with this policy mallet.

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