SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Thirty-four suspects are behind bars in connection with a major law enforcement operation that involved the FBI as well as local police, targeting narcotics dealers in the Bay Area.

The arrests are the result of a two-year investigation. Many of those now facing federal and state charges were apprehended in East Palo Alto and Menlo Park.

Stephanie Douglas is the special agent in charge of the FBI’s San Francisco office. She said that the operation took down a prolific drug trafficking operation.

KCBS’ Chris Filippi Reports:

“The Williams Family drug trafficking organization supplied individuals of violent gangs, and associate members of violent street gangs with drugs throughout the Bay Area,” said Douglas.

East Palo Alto Police Chief Ron Davis said that these arrests will make his city safer.

”I think this tells the community that we are working together to make their lives better,” said Davis. “And also this sends a message, not just to that drug trafficking organization, but to others, that they will be held accountable.”

On top of the arrests authorities also seized more than $100,000 in cash and 11 firearms.

Six suspects remain at large.

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Comments (16)
  1. tn says:

    …just waiting for attorney John Burris to rear his money mongering head into the limelight accusing the authorities of disparaging treatment- that the cops are only targeting the blacks; that they aren’t going after the Japanese, or Germans, or Pacific Islanders, or Canadians…. Interesting- Doesn’t the photo above resemble a similar Andy Warhol art piece?

  2. oldfart says:

    I don’t believe it they are all black, not one Hispanic.

    Here is tomorrows Chronicle and Examiner headline

    We (the chronicle and examiner) have just notified the ACLU, it appears the FBI is profiling, using race as the predominate factor and not arresting an unequal number of Whites, Asian and Hispanic.

    ACLU update, After reviewing allegations from the Examiner and Chronicle we have determined all FBI agents are racist, We will file suit in Federal court asking that until and equal number of Whites and Asian have been arrested that the FBI halt arresting Blacks and Hispanics.


  3. montana mike says:

    I cannot believe the first two comments.What idiots !

  4. troof says:

    Meh – with minorities, it’s gangs and drugs and with whites, it’s murder and molestation….of kids.

    Statistics have a funny way of exposing everyone.

  5. jin says:

    Troof and Montana mike

    We are talking gangs in the Bay Area, I can name at least 15 violent major Black gangs and over 25 violent Hispanic gangs. I dare you to name 2 violent white gangs in the bay area, besides the Hell’s Angels.

    When is the last time you heard of a white gang committing a drive by,

    The vast majority of all violent gangs in the Bay Area are either Black or Hispanic, over 90% proven fact. look it up

    Real Statistics have a funny way of exposing liberal progressive idiots

    1. De BabeeBoyeaux says:

      ………with whites they are called corporations, fool!

  6. PrisonintheDesert says:

    Gangs are thugs. Thugs are gangs. Removing them is priority one. Taxpayers still foot the bill for their free room and board, medical and dental, and some court appointed lawyer. One could only imagine if they were dropped off in the desert. Water, when it rains. Food, cactus and other critters. Shelter, an old army issued tent. Toilet, dig a hole. They kill each other, vultures and other scavengers cleanup. One could only imagine the tax dollars we’d save to used to fund our social programs, help our homeless and vets, and the chance of that happening? The same chance a snowball in hell has. They have rights. Yep, except they’ve had it their way, way too long. I will say, thanks to our FBI and law enforcement folks. You are appreciated. Hopefully, the courts don’t undo what you achieved for us.

    1. De BabeeBoyeaux says:

      Good points! So lets start arresting all the criminals, starting first with corporations, banks, priests, coaches and your uncles and grandad for molest en mass!

      1. Philip Scharfy says:

        This is the result when socialists can’t put down the crack-pipe…

  7. Michael Bowens says:


  8. Michael Bowens says:


  9. oldfart says:


    I think a better idea I have been promoting for years is to out source our prisons to third world countries like Mexico and China. the cost to house them would drop from an average of $65,000 a year to less than $10,000 and act as a deterrent to stop repeat offenders.

    The plus side to this is the inmates would learn not only a second language and many may decide not to return back here.

    Want some politically incorrect humor check out the jokes at

  10. geneL says:

    John Burris will be on TV within 24 hours!!! Making excuses for ANY thug is not good for the community. I think if you asked the law abiding citizens in any community, they just want the drug dealers out so that they can pursue the american dream in their own way.

  11. Philip Scharfy says:

    More voters lost toHis Fraudulency…

  12. Sumonewhoknowsbetter says:

    The just of it all is addiction….this is what the politics of the right wing has done is made this city and other inner cities there prime source of wasting money by housing people for long periods of time, and to cause a pleg so strong that it elements people either by death from a gun, confusion from tweeking, seperation and divisiion from jealousy. Making men feel the power of one of the seven DEADLY SINS AND THAT IS MONEY!!! When all the money was made by a president a longtime ago!!! For these men and women of East Palo Alto “Greed” and Prestige has a very big price and that is FREEDOM!!! For all of the rest Go to SCHOOL, WORK , HOME AND CHURCH, TO COMPLETE YOUR DAYS, AND UTILIZE YOUR MIND IN ANOTHER WAY… GOD BLESS

  13. Choice says:

    Another way to stop drug dealers is…. DON’T BUY OR USE THE STUFF because your only helping them if you do. That includes those of you who just want to do it just once in a while.

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