SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Embattled San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was granted visitation rights with his son at a court hearing Wednesday morning.

Mirkarimi is facing allegations of domestic violence against his wife, Eliana Lopez, and has been under a court order to stay away from Lopez and the couple’s 2-year-old son Theo.

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Ronald Albers Wednesday approved an agreement between Mirkarimi and Lopez in which Mirkarimi can see his son for two hours each weekday and up to six hours each weekend.

Near tears, Mirkarimi said, “I get to see my son. I can’t tell you how excited and grateful I am.”

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

A stay-away order preventing Mirkarimi from contacting Lopez is still in effect. The order stems from domestic violence charges related to a Dec. 31 argument in which Mirkarimi is accused of grabbing Lopez and bruising her arm. It will remain in effect until the end of the trial, which is set to start Feb. 24.

Mirkarimi was arrested Jan. 13 and charged with misdemeanor domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness.

He was sworn in as sheriff on Jan. 8 after serving on the Board of Supervisors for seven years.

Tuesday, prosecutors indicated they will use the testimony of Mirkarimi’s former girlfriend at the upcoming trial.

The District Attorney’s Office filed a motion on Tuesday seeking to admit Christina Flores’s testimony.

Flores filed a police report last month alleging Mirkarimi was prone to tirades and bruised her arm when he pushed her up against a wall once during a fight.

Prosecutors say Flores’s testimony will show Mirkarimi engaged in a pattern of domestic violence.

Lidia Stiglich, Mirkarimi’s attorney, said Flores’s claims are false, and she planned to file a response preventing the use of her testimony.

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Comments (14)
  1. tn says:

    Of course they denied the allegations. What else would any (in)sane person say? The guy is probably a very manipulative (and successful) politician. However, we can only wonder what his personal life is really like. So, what went around just came around.


    Ross Mirkarimi has a long history of abuse of power, lying under oath and withholding exculpatory evidence. The latest episode of DV, Child Endangerment and Dissuading a Witness reveal that within the walls of his home or office, he is the caveman, a lose canon who has been untouchable.

    It is about time that San Francisco holds the latest accusations to the light and hold Mirkarim’s feet to the fire and compel him to stop acting outside the law.

    Another board should be mounted infront of Art Agnew’s home so that the message is loud and clear, Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence in San Francisco.

    1. harrymudd says:

      Please supply proof.

    2. PILATUSVOGEL says:

      Proof? Court records. Mirkarimi was impeached repeatedly, he has no shame. He’s a disgrace to the city and law enforcement. The latest charges of DV, Chid Endangerment and Dissuading a witness, fits perfectly well in his profile.

  3. Trudy Sanders says:

    Poor baby. Daddy’s a disgusting brute. And he’s here to visit you.

    1. harrymudd says:

      Human decency in preventing me from saying what I really think of you. Just that what if it turns out he is not guilty?

  4. tn says:

    Either the press has censored any comments Ross may have said about him missing his oh-so-lovely wife. Rather, did he say anything about missing her at all?

  5. harrymudd says:

    I see the readers have already convicted this man. It is about time people are reminded “innocent until proven”. What proof do any of you have of his guilt. The tape with no Mirkarimi on it? A wife who denies the allegations. God’s mercy on any person accused of DV in San Fransisco.

    1. sara says:

      I can see you do not understand what domestic abuse is. Yelling, name calling, pushing, shoving, grabbing (to the point that it leaves a mark) are all domestic abuse. This seems to be a man who needs to be in control and gets angry at minor things. Lopez doesn’t realize things will get worse when the child grows up. Such men do not change unless they own up and undergo therapy. They will continue to dominate over women and may resort to escalated abuse to get their way. Yes, this is Domestic Violence !

    2. H.Fenton says:

      If these allegations prove different, then justice is served. If he is found guilty of DV, then justice is served. All many of us are really saying is that if we were a betting person and bet you, we’d bet against Ross. That’s all.

  6. JaneQPublic says:

    I expect the proof Harry seeks is on that video which shows bruising on the arm of RM’s wife.

    If RM should retain his job as sheriff, I wonder just how he will handle domesic violence calls to his department.

    I will NOT vote for this man again in any event.



    Lay off the kool aid and stop trying to shoot the messengers giving you the skinny on Murk. Tis bout time the people of S.F compare notes and hold this matter to the light.

    Court transcripts show Murk in the hot seat sweating bullets as he is caught lying under oath and withholding exculpatory evidence. What we’re witnessing now, in this shocking saga of DV Child Endangerment and Dissuading of a witness criminal charges, is the sudden realization that in his private life and within the walls of the office, when no one is looking, Murk is the caveman, an abusive partner who can’t be trusted.

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