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OAKLAND (CBS 5) – Jeremy Lin and the Golden State Warriors. Is anyone REALLY surprised?

“With the 3rd pick in the draft, the Golden State Warriors select..Chris Washburn, North Carolina State.”

C’mon Warrior fans. You knew this was coming. It’s the Warrior way. Regardless of ownership, of coach, of GM, it’s simply inevitable. A dark curse placed upon the golden cylinder of Oracle sometime around the Robert Parrish trade.

Pick a name…any name. Russell Cross? Mookie Blaylock? How about Ike Diogu? Hey, at least Todd Fuller was nice guy, right? Billy Owens anyone?

Chris Cohan must be having a good laugh over a 15-year old bottle of scotch that Nellie gave him over that last contract. I can see him now, pulling out the old Richard Nixon line. “You don’t have Cohan to kick around anymore!”

The Warriors are painting the picture that, well, at least they had the sense to sign Jeremy Lin in the first place while everyone else passed. Where that argument fails is that they also had the best evaluation of the boy wonder. See Patrick O’Bryant. (who am I to knock an Irishman?)

Seven games is a small sample. It may come to pass that Larry Riley was simply ahead of his time. It may also rank was the worst decision is Bay Area sports history. See Wilt Chamberlain. Sorry, Giants fans, this is basketball only, Gaylord Perry doesn’t count.

One dark day in the Warriors locker room, George Karl went over to Joe Barry Carroll’s locker and ripped the door off its hinges. Then he was traded to the Houston Rockets for Ralph Sampson.

Oh, I bet that scotch tastes good.


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