SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — A member of the Mongols outlaw motorcycle gang is facing life in prison after a jury convicted him of murdering the president of the Hells Angels’ San Francisco chapter.

A federal jury in San Francisco convicted Christopher “Stoney” Ablett on Wednesday of four felonies, including murder in aid of racketeering.

Ablett was accused of stabbing and shooting Mark “Papa” Guardado outside a bar on Sept. 2, 2008 in the city’s Mission district. The jury’s rejected Ablett’s testimony at trial that he killed Guardado in self-defense.

Instead, they sided with the prosecution’s allegation that the Modesto-based Mongol started the fight and killed Guardado to enhance his status within the gang.

Ablett was scheduled to be sentenced on May 15.

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Comments (7)
  1. Dale N says:

    R.I.P Mr Pettigrew

  2. Lisa says:

    This wasn’t Pettigrew this guy killed this was Frisco’s President Pappa, life in prison what is the point just put this guy out in the public and there won’t be a waste of tax payers dollars or court hearings, he wouldn’t last but a minute….now life in prison if he last’s he will be living in luxury….that’s is total bs.

  3. I wish each Jury member gets jumped by a USA hells angels member.

    After the jury members beats or kills the USA hells angels in self preservation like any normal American would . I hope each jury member gets charged and convicted so they all understand the injustice they have committed on their fellow Human being.

  4. USA Hells angels are pathetic freaks that think because they hang in large flocks they are allowed to claim American land.

    The only thing more pathetic then USa hells angels is the cowards in the support gangs that support them because they are scared to ride their little motorcycle with out a hells angels permmision.

    Real men Real American Men Biker or not are not going to allow hells angels to claim any part of the USA.

    Now if we can only get the ATF and local police to stop dating hells angels AND do their job defeading the citizens from freaks tlike the USA hells angels you are taking away our rights of freedom maybe the country can get back on track the way it was meant to be.

  5. Really Lisa

    I bet your a hells angel scared like all USA hells angels to use your name.

    Do you want to tell us when a USa hells angels has ever killed a man for killing a USa hells angels ?

    It never happened .

    PEROID USA Hells angels are cowards made famous from Decades of crimes against American women and children.

  6. How can this prosecutor look in the mirror and love what he sees?
    who can believe that the only recourse Mr.Ablett had when after he was attacked by the hells angel gang member was to Die or go to prison ?

    I wish the prosecutor would take the time to have an honest conversation with me. Reading about cases like this in the news I always wonder if the prosecutors are descendants of those who worked the torture chambers during the Spanish inquisition .

    I would like to really get to know one of these prosecutors well enough to see if it’s the blinding Hate the need to inflict pain to innocent men and women or is it the blinding force of making money so he and his family can live the America dream while he never looks back to see if he was right or wrong just that he convinced a jury to side with him.

    Convincing and manipulation people to see things your way is advertising this man perhaps should have been in sales and Marketing and not law.

    How many People bought a hoover because they heard it was named after a hells angel leader and hells angels are said to suck so well that they have men all over the USA willing to pay and support them.

    Turns out that story is not true Hover vacuums are not named after hells angels they just happen to suck as often and like a hells angel they cost pennies to own .

    Like a hells angel they live in a closet but why do prosecutor do the things they do remain and unsolved mystery.

    May God keep all those falsely accused in his grace and grant them and their family peace and a place of comfort in their next life were they can again be reunited as a loving family


  7. Jeff Branscomb says:

    Soory Chris for this conviction.You did what you did because the HA thinks he can control who estabilishes a bike club here.They did at one time.They also beat the lights out of anyone disagreeing with them.Not until the Mongols or Vagos showed up.That this is not happening anymore.Steve Mr 187 is pushing up daisys now, so his Jethro.You get what you give.What goes around comes around!

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