San Francisco does boutique hotels like it does everything else: vibrant, eclectic and a little sexy. Whether it’s a single-night stay or a extended vacation venture, this city has everything you never knew you’d love.

hoteldiva Best Funky and Modern Boutique Hotels in San Francisco

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Chic and sexy Hotel Diva sits on Geary Street just two blocks away from Union Square. Enter the Diva via its celebrity-signed sidewalk of fame, into a modern, sophisticated lobby. Rooms include curvy, custom shades and sculpted, stainless-steel headboards. Directly across the street are two of the city’s best performing arts theaters: The American Conservatory Theater (ACT) and the Curran Theatre. Take advantage of the artist-designed “diva” lounges and a Starbucks just off the lobby.

Find the Hotel des Artes in the French Quarter at the crossroads of Union Square, the Financial District and the Chinatown Gate. The hotel hosts the work of contemporary, local artists in a hotel-based gallery. Sip a cup of steaming coffee at its Parisian-style complimentary continental breakfast, or grab dinner downstairs at Le Central, a French brasserie. The Hotel des Arts has commissioned some of the world’s top emerging artists to decorate the walls of some of the rooms.

Sleek and elegant, Hotel Fusion is a combination of old-world Asian and contemporary American styles. All 124 rooms are accented with rich wood and warm, inviting colors. Venture next door to the Infusion Lounge, one of the best night clubs in the city. Showcasing top DJs from around the world, the club’s LED-illuminated glass columns, giant lacquer dragons, laughing Buddhas and glowing latticework will have you feeling the San Francisco beat.

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hoteltriton Best Funky and Modern Boutique Hotels in San Francisco

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Hotel Triton offers green, “eco-friendly” suites across the street from the Chinatown Gate. The hotel’s renowned designer celebrity suites were designed by some of today’s biggest entertainers. They include the Häagen-Dazs Sweet Suite, laced with vanilla and caramel colors, and featuring scented candles in chocolate, vanilla and dulce de leche. The Kathy Griffin’s D-List suite’s is elegant and chic, and a must for the Deadheads is the J. Garcia Suite, created Grateful Dead lead-man Jerry Garcia himself. The room’s upholstery and duvet bedcover use the same smooth silk as the J. Garcia fashion line.

Hotel Bijou is one of the most unique of all the boutique hotels in downtown San Francisco. Inspired by San Franciscan cinema, the hotel design revolves around classic movie palaces, Hollywood portraits and movie stills. The hotel lobby’s Petit Theater features a nightly double showing of San Francisco-based movies (free for guests). Each of the hotel’s 65 comfortable guest rooms is named after a motion picture shot in the city, a perfect place to leave your heart in San Francisco.

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    I can’t help but wonder how much $$$ changed hands in order for Infusion to be included on this list. The so-called nightclud is a neighborhood nuisance, with scores of ‘clients’ blocking the sidwalk and street – creating a near-riot and necessitating POLICE calls on a regular basis. You can check it out actual pictures of the cop cars at…

  2. JPQ says:

    typo correction: ‘nightcluB’

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