BURLINGAME (CBS/AP) — The Republican primaries and caucuses over the next couple of weeks will go a long way to determining whether California’s June 5 primary will make the state relevant in a way it has not been in decades.

Many GOP loyalists attending this weekend’s state party convention in Burlingame are hoping the nomination remains contested by then.

Cathy Statler, a Long Beach hairdresser attending the convention, says visits from Republican presidential candidates would generate publicity that could help the California GOP at a time it is trying to rebuild.

She said past GOP primaries have been decided before they reached California, but said many Republican voters are excited about this year’s.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who addressed the convention Saturday, says he expects California will be in play.

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  1. Charlie Peters says:

    Audit the fed, support HR 459 Paul

  2. Charlie Peters says:

    If Brazil sugar-cane ethanol is adding $8 billion ($0.16 per gal) to California gas price, would a waiver of the mandate for GMO food in my gas lower my price for beef, carbon foot-print and gas?

  3. Jerry Frey says:

    Newt Gingrich personifies the culture of personality that pervades politics: “look at me.” Ego gratification instead of service and selfless interest is the politician’s common cause.


  4. Kaio says:

    Un peu de lecture ?, 2010-2012: Government as Sacrament, Government as Sacrilege Dion DennisAcross the broad iethorrcal commonalities (articulated by Beck and Obama-proxies) of Service, Hope, Faith, the Bible and God are arrays of exchanges about what constitutes the Sacred and Profane in the public sphere, tied to appropriate prescriptions and proscriptions for (or against) governmental action (or even governmental existence). These prescriptions and proscriptions are proffered in an environment of escalating debt, demographic transition, escalating anger and generalized anxiety, amid Boomer generational aging, decline and persistence. This essay tries to answer, at least in part, the following questions, cutting through the surface ideological talk: When Beck, Angle, Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann and others derisively label the legislative agenda and the ideology of the Obama-led state as Progressivism, how does it come be characterized as if the work of a de facto Demiurge, a Manichean projection of a false God, masquerading as the True God? [14] Alternatively, how is it that Obama and his institutional and ideological allies invoke God and Scripture when they claim their work to be righteous, as an expression of The Social Gospel, the truest and best manifestation of God’s Will? How do we usefully understand this current iteration of dueling claims that God is on Our Side?

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