City College Of San Francisco Trustees Skip Meetings, Get Paid Anyway

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — City College of San Francisco’s elected trustees often skip meetings but still collect monthly $500 stipends.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported one of the seven trustees has missed four consecutive monthly board meetings and another has missed a third of all board meetings since July 2010.

All seven trustees showed up only five times in the past 24 board meetings. They still get their $500 monthly stipend whether they show up or not.

The executive vice chancellor of legal affairs for the California Community College Chancellor’s office said paying them for meetings they don’t attend is a violation of the state’s Education Code

Steven Bruckman said it’s illegal for the district to pay trustees for unexcused absences.

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  • fenchel

    They should all be recalled and the government should insist that they return unearned stipends.

  • Haris Raftis

    As a student of CCSF, I demand from them to return the stipends back. Also, recall them, even if they show up, they won’t care about the college anyways.
    Shame on them.

  • tn

    Steve Bruckman’s key operative word is “unexcused absence.” Either the trustees will admit error and lose their jobs, have wonderful and acceptable excuses or Steve Bruckman has earned 3 more markers. The first option isn’t happening.

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