HAYWARD (CBS SF) – An elderly man has died after crashing into a creek below Interstate Highway 580 in Hayward Friday morning and getting stuck there for four hours, according to the Alameda County coroner’s bureau.

The 2002 silver Lexus ES300 was discovered at about 11:15 a.m. after it had plunged into a creek in a hidden location under Five Canyons Parkway where it passes under Interstate 580, said Hayward fire Capt. Thor Poulsen.

Paramedic crews arriving on the scene were able to bring the 85-year-old driver up from the creek bed using a backboard, and he was taken to Eden Medical Center, Poulsen said.

California Highway Patrol officials initially said the man suffered moderate injuries, including lowered body temperature and a dislocated hip.

However, the coroner’s bureau said Friday afternoon that the man had died from his injuries. His name was not immediately being released.

It appears the driver, who lived on the 4500 block of Old Dublin Road, drove his car every morning to pick up his newspaper at the top of a hill, Poulsen said.

Friday morning, while driving back down the hill, he apparently missed his driveway and rolled down the hill into the creek bed, Poulsen said.

According to the CHP, his car smashed into a tree, traveled down the embankment and came to rest partially in the creek. The car suffered damage to its front and rear.

His wife reported him missing when he didn’t return, and the CHP was at the home taking a missing persons report when word of the crash came in.

At that time, the man had been stuck in the creek bed awaiting rescue for around four hours, Poulsen said.

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Comments (7)
  1. gregm says:

    Poorly written headline. He wasn’t retrieving a paper – he was driving to buy one!

  2. gregm says:

    retrieving – present participle of re·trieve (Verb)

    Verb: 1.Get (something) back; regain possession of.

  3. Lee1 says:

    Though I’m a senior, 85 is a much to be driving. Hopefully he isn’t badly hurt. Poor man, 4 hrs is a long time to wait while hoping someone finds you. Now we’ll get the “Seniors shouldn’t be driving” noise. AGAIN!.

    1. norbit says:

      “Hopefully he isn’t badly hurt.” uhh..the guy died. It says it right in the title.

      1. Donald Wright says:

        Uhh, the title changed. It used to say that a man landed in a creek bed while attempting to retrieve a paper. Uhh, one might have deduced that from noticing that the time stamp after the byline currently says 2:36 p.m., and the first commend, which alludes to the former headline, was at 1:11 p.m. Uhh, they do edit headlines and article content after the fact sometimes.

  4. Donald Wright says:

    Poor subject-verb agreement too: “The extent of the man’s injuries remain [sic] unknown …” Of course the verb should be “remains” (singular) in that the subject “extent” is singular.

    Can’t any journalists be counted on to write well these days?

  5. JaneQPublic says:

    A dislocated hip is extremely painful. This man suffered major distress for four hours. It sounds like the shock was just too much for his system. Poor guy.

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