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Obese Livermore Man’s Plea For Help Goes Viral

LIVERMORE (CBS 5) — A 700-pound Livermore man’s plea for help to lose weight has become a viral sensation on YouTube in less than 24 hours.

Robert Gibbs, who turned 23 on Friday, said he is a prisoner in his own body.

“I spend most of my days right here, watching TV.” Gibbs said from his couch. “I have to slide forward to get off this couch. I’m just trapped, and there’s no way out.”

On Thursday, something clicked for the Livermore man who has struggled with his weight since the age of four. He has also been hospitalized twice. As Gibbs was stuck in bed, he recorded the video.

“This is my last chance, my last hope, one of them. I really scared I’m not going to be able to watch my niece and nephew grow up,” Gibbs said in the video.

Gibbs, who has diabetes, said he is beyond helping himself. He has sores all over his body and can’t stand for more than a few minutes. He is on disability and may suffer from depression. To save money and feed his food addiction, Gibbs often eats fast food.

“I made that video as a plea for someone’s help,” he said.

His plea for help did not fall on deaf ears. In 24 hours, his video had 200,000 hits. Gibbs also received calls from news stations around the world.

“I didn’t expect it to catch on the way it did,” he said.

During an interview with CBS 5, he also received a phone call from a producer representing weight loss guru Chris Powell. He broke into a huge smile after taking the call.

“I would love his help, he works miracles,” he said. “I’m getting the exposure I needed. I better start getting ready ofr the tornado that’s about ot become my life. I guess it is a good birthday for me.”

(Copyright 2012 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

  • ADB

    OK, so just WHO has been feeding him since age 4? He went to school and at some point NObody thought there …. uh, MIGHT be a PROBLEM?

    Fast food places don’t just deliver couch-side. SOMEbody is feeding the guy! If he can’t get off of the chair … SOMEBODY IS FEEDING THIS GUY!
    Heck with diet gurus….SOMEBODY IS FEEDING THIS GUY!

    Sorry, but I really don’t have a ton of empathy. People don’t just wake up one morning and discover much to their horror that “Oh GEE, I can’t get up off of my ample a**”.
    They don’t go “BOOOOOMMMMMPFFFFF” overnight.
    I’m virtually certain at one point he could walk around unassisted.

    Plus SOMEBODY IS HELPING THIS GUY WITH HYGENE! I mean, I would HOPE so….but why isn’t anyone who is in his life, people who raised this fat 4 year old into an obese 23 year old now pleading for help being held accountable for anything?

    I struggled with being overweight when I was younger. So I know what it feels like. I was “chubby”, but I still played on the school grounds. We’d walk everywhere. My grandma was a great cook and would insist on feeding me everything she made. But I also would use those two stubby things called legs and get some circulation…playing outdoors….THAT kind of thing. I also wouldn’t eat the weight of a Volkswagon in food every day.

    I’m sure at some point in his life he must have thought: this sucks.
    So, while I feel for him about how bad it must feel and while I really don’t have a ton of empathy for his situation personally I’d charge the people he lives with with child abuse.

    • sam

      Like most narcissistic jerks, the ALL CAPS merely highlights your ineptness. The word is ‘hygiene’, stupid…

    • Jones

      You’re right.

      They always have an enabler.

    • J wang

      There are magnitudes of issues that this poor man is facing: Mental health, physical, and family issues at stake. I believe he realized that there has to be a better way to deal with this. He is an adult now so he will often have to face these issue on his own. Please don’t lay blame on what caused it, offer compassion and help because I still believe he is a good person inside. Everyone is a gem but some just need a little more polishing than others. I wish him well.

    • George Johnson

      I agree. Somebody somewhere is helping this guy GET this big. And fast food isn’t that cheap, I doubt *I* could afford it several times a day.

      And it has always amazed me that, that some people seem to just suddenly (in their mind), just “get fat” over night. In their minds, as far as they knew, yesterday they were a size one or what ever, and today, they weigh 700 pounds!

      Sorry, doesn’t happen like that. If you can’t see yourself starting to get HUGE, and not doing anything about it, then please… don’t come begging to me for help later. I have a mild pudge, I’m over 50 after all, and I find it quite horifying!!

      • rubbiee

        you need God in your life,If you don’t have some compassion 4 this young man.

      • tony

        I feel bad for a young man with all the life ahead of him in that condition., who ever going to help this guy have to take him out of this house fast I had hear about him before he was fat but not as he is now his family is not helping him at all shame on you mom

      • Molly

        I think it’s more of an addiction than anything else. Everyone seems to understand alchoholism and drugs as an addiction, but a problem such as this needs to be seen in the same light as well. I also struggle with my weight. Although I am not as overweight as this man, I can empathize with him.

        Everything is a slow fade. I’m sure he didn’t dream about waking up 700 pounds when he was a little kid. This man needs to get to the bottom of it: Why is he doing what he is doing? Are there unresolved issues in his life?

        I don’t believe he is “begging” you for help. I doubt he is knocking on your door. He is reaching out which is the right thing to do.

        Try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for once.

    • UpChuck Liberals

      My thoughts exactly. It’s calories, pure and simple. Cut 4000/cal/week and you lose a pound/week. You don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight, just cut the calories, lose weight, then start walking without adding more calories and you lose more weight. It’s not rocket science it’s common sense. If you need to munch then eat carrots, celery, use a DRIP of low fat dressing for a touch of flavor. Heck sprinkle some garlic on them.

      • Mike Myers

        If he weighs 700 pounds, he’s consuming 7000 calories a day, at a minimum. Putting this guy on 2000 calories a day, which is a LOT of food if healthy choices are made, will drop weight off him at the rate of a 1.5 pounds a day.

      • nirdlobkin

        Gee, let’s see now…..a pound a week? Your right! He will be of normal weight in only 9 1/2 years!

      • Mike Smith

        thats 9 1/2 years of improved living. Good things do not happen over night, and he isn’t asking for a short term fix. He is asking to be educated for long term health. I could ask for a million bucks to retire right now, but I am happy with putting back what I can for the next 20 years.

    • Goldenfoxx

      If he’s diabetic, he should not quit eating, he’s not eating the right foods. He won’t live too much longer even if he does get the help and lose weight. He probably has no will power and along with the diabetes comes all kinds of other problems. I hate to write the guy off, but I see no change coming for him. He will complain when can’t have his sodas and hamburgers and has to eat salads, etc. If he thinks food is expensive, a funeral will be even more costly — to his family.

    • Bob Oscar

      I agree with you completely…

      I join your advice…Mr Gibbs should quit eating….

      Among the things that are absolutely true:…the sun rises in the east…etc…. is

      if you quit eating, you lose weight….

      It may be painful and uncomfortable, but it will feel good at the end….

      • Eric

        Thanks, Paul. Any other announcements from the Lunatic Fringe?

      • Jackie

        Paul, I felt something was wrong,. Now I know. Disqus wasn’t letting much thru, I couldn’t get any.
        they won’t let people comment to you so I went, I hope thru the one on the top of you. Wish you could have left more info. I didn’t know. tks and keep us informed, please….Jackie

      • gageymama

        A change in diet and portion sizes are definitely a must here, but quitting eating altogether? That statement in itself is pure ignorance. That is NOT the answer.

      • Paul Gillford

        After the coup and cover up much of the daily news is orchestrated by unelected officials who took over Washington and the media. Even Disqus commenting systems were knocked out today to prevent the truth from spreading.

        We have no president, no democracy, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history

      • Fookmeandfookyou

        Paul Gillford is brain dead as this guy is fat…

      • Ray

        What does your rant have to do with the story of the fat guy?

      • ChelC

        Sometimes you CAN just let yourself go without realizing it until one day when you glimpse your reflection or see a picture of you…then the embarrassing fact makes you realize you need to change.

        True story, happened to me. I’ve lost more than 60 lbs in a year, and during my weight loss journey discovered a medical problem that has been ailing me for more than a decade. Got that fixed, and the weight is sliding off.

        PS I was eating ONLY green food: lettuce, spinach, green beans, green bell peppers because it was the only food my body would digest…I stayed at 275 lbs because I had no physical output. Once I had my medical issue taken care of, I had energy I never knew I was capable of having.

    • marianne Comeau

      i feel so sorry for this guy…..he is pleading with his whole heart and soul and i hope someone will reach out and grab on to help him!!!!


      I FEEL HIS PAIN , I AM ALSO OVERWEIGHT , I GET UP AND MOVE AROUND, I REFUSE TO LET MY CHILDREN, FRIENDS OR FAMILY FEED ME JUNK IF I CAN NOT WALK OR GET OUT OF BED -He can start by moving his arms , legs in bed – get a chair and move legs up and down -He is suffering enough , if you are not trying to help him or give advice -DON’T SAY NOTHING

    • Cheryl

      That was the first thing I thought–if you can’t even get off the couch, who is bringing you that food? Also someone has to be giving him his insulin.

      At this point I don’t think he has to eat as much as you think to maintain his weight. He’s bed-bound so he’s barely burning any calories. Until this guy can get up and actually move around on his own, he can’t begin to take this weight off.

      It’s something to note that only in this day and age have we seen so many come up so morbidly obese at such a young age, that they can’t move from their couch or chair.

      • dano

        an Idle man burns about 2000 calories a day doing nothing. So if he cuts his calories to 2000 he would probably just maintain his weight. Will have to do some walking to burn more calories (fat)

    • Jonathan

      He is asking for help. SOMEBODY might help but from your post it won’t be YOU.

      • Tricia

        He’s going to have to leave his house for ‘help’. Going to the mailbox to collect donations isn’t going to do it.

        Robert, there is plenty of help. Get out there and get it, Buddy. It won’t come to you. :)

      • dora

        i agree, where is his family, friends if any, and how is he getting food to continue eating. Isn’t there anyone that is a relative or a church family that is caring enough to see what is in front of them. ?

    • elgabachero

      Thank EBT cards, fast food, mini marts, and the Federal Govt.

    • MJB

      That’s VOLKSWAGEN. With an e, not an o. Jeez.

    • ralph

      No kidding!! Here is an idea stop eating 5 sandwiches and just eat maybe 2. Cut your caloric intake by half which at his size im sure is more than most of us eat in a week and the weight will start coming off i can assure you.

    • Crystal1523

      Nice McDonald’s cup in the background, fatty.

    • Gail

      I would like to let him know that he has helped himself by putting this out there and asking for help. This took courage. The people you reached out for will help. To the people who are negitive to this man, you should never be put into the position to need help. karma is real and what goes around comes around. Good luck to all.

    • starwhite

      Do the letters F. U. mean anything to you?

    • Jackie

      His weight is NOT normal. Typically you have people carrying more weight than they need…but this man has serious problems.

    • CD

      You don’t need a ton of empathy, just 700 lbs of it.

    • duh

      Whoever is feeding this person needs to be charged with endangering the life of another. Put that person in jail, and this person will no longer have a problem. End of story.

    • MC

      I absolutely loves your comment ADB.

      At this point, he does need help but also family living in the home need to be responsible since this is being going on since early childhood.

      I am pretty sure that once he lose the weight he will make sure not to gain it back. He is at the right age to make those life changes.

      Parents complaint about their obese or prone to large size kids but the kids are not the ones who make the money in the home or stack the refrigerator.

      Parent, you are responsible 100 % of this issue. Now, an older kid who make his own money and buy his own food and then he/she gets fat then that’s another story.

      The Media as always look for sensationalism so Livermore Guess what? You are sensational enough for the Media and TV shows!!!! You all can feed from each other needs. Media sensational story and Livermore getting the assistance he needs to address his issue.

      Welcome to America!

  • akteacher

    I can sympathize with his problem. I have a friend who is 65. She smoked and ate but rarely exercised until she developed a heart condition and diabetes ten years ago. Also her condition caused her to loss her teeth. She weighted 330, Dec. 2010.
    Today she weighs 239 is able to walk better, but with a walker and hopes to get knee replacements next year. It has been a painful experience having to depend on nurses to get her to this point in her life.
    Bet if she met this young man she would be so sad but would encourage him since he can avoid health conditions she now suffers from.
    Anyone remember Jared who did those Subway commercials maybe he can be a booster for this guy.

    • Eric

      Jared lost weight because Subway paid for personal trainers and dieticians. And he’s putting on the pounds again. Have you seen him lately? He’s a bit too chubby to be selling “weight loss.”

      Besides, Subway sells some of the fattiest, most unhealthy fast food on the market. Their BLT sandwich is #1 on the list for saturated fat. It’s the worst fast food item you can buy from any national chain, bar none. The only “healthy” way to eat there would be to get a small, skinless chicken sandwich on whole wheat with no cheese and no condiments. Nobody does that.

      • SeenStuff

        Eric, you are absolutely right on about Subway. I know someone who used to work for them and the food comes from China which has much lower standards, if any, about harmful chemical additives to preserve their “food”. It is lower grade than pet food and the meat has slime on it and a foul odor and to make matters worse, the expiration dates are changed to save money. The public is unaware of this and the inspectors are paid off to look the other way. Personally, I wouldn’t feed it to my dog. They are getting as big as McD’s though so be expecting to see more obesity problems from fast food. Subway touts that their stuff is healthy but that is a total lie.

      • Mike Myers

        You are actually incorrect. The Jared story is he was a huge fat guy in college, and put himself on a very restrictive diet. He ate Subway twice a day—a veggie sub and baked chips at one meal, and a small turkey sub and baked chips at another.

        That would totally work. It’s caloric restriction, plain and simple. He weighed over 400 pounds, so consuming the 2000 or fewer calories in those two meals(and that’s all he ate) would burn weight right off.

      • Me Here

        Oh, come on, SeenStuff! You said, “inspectors are paid off to look the other way.” That’s just stupid. Every municipality where there is a Subway has its own food inspectors. If you really think every Subway pays them off; and not one has reported the attempted bribe, you’re just stupid.

      • ThomasJ

        Where do you get your information? The BLT from Subway isn’t even close to the worst thing on Subway’s own menu with a 6″ sandwich having 5 grams of saturated fat. Try BK hash browns with 13 grams.
        I wonder if people like you really believe the stuff you make up? What is the point of posting information that is based on your delusions?

      • Joe Nemchek

        “Jared lost weight because Subway paid for personal trainers and dieticians.” You’re an idiot. While a student at Indiana University, Fogle initially lost the weight on his own. He was noticed by Subway after an article about him in the student newspaper. The rest of your post is equally moronic. Yes, Subway sells unhealthy food – as does every other restaurant and grocery store. The point of Fogle’s diet is that you can make healthy choices and yes, he did eat plain turkey subs and veggie subs with no mayo or cheese, drank diet sodas and ate baked Lays chips. I guess that shoots your theory of “nobody does that”.

      • asdf

        Subway is gross. The ones in Wisconsin always have flies around the food. In California none of the people speak English and it’s impossible to order a sandwich. All that damn white bread can’t be good for you either.

      • Hols

        Heres some more info about subway and many other fast food chains. Did you know that the “enriched” vitamins that are added to the bread contain ingredients which were obtained from adding acid to human hair. None of the ingredients at subway or other fast food places should be considered food fit for eating. You may not know the difference but your body does.

      • earl dumarest

        Saturated fats are good for you. Stop spreading lies.

  • JaneQPublic

    I feel great empathy for this young man. True, someone apparently did fail to recognize the growing seriousness of his problem when he was a kid, but today he has recognized it quite honestly and is reaching to save his LIFE. He IS a prisoner in his body right now. I sincerely hope he gets the help he needs. to shed the weight and emerge into a fulfilling life free of the pounds. Underneath that ‘prison’ is a handsome young man. He has honesty, courage, a sincere voice and a kind face. . I wish him well.

    • common man

      Your compassion for a plea of “help” is what we would all hope for and expect from Americans. It’s what makes us different. If you were my daughter I’d be proud of you.

    • Avenger

      “growing seriousness”…..was that meant to be a pun?

    • Aaron

      Finally, someone with compassion! Regardless of the facts or bad patterns of behavior leading to this point, at this point he is asking for help. His situation seems overwhelming to me. Yes, the statements of reduced caloric intake are true, but at such an advanced level of obesity and other medical conditions, what is wrong with asking for help? I’m so tired of self righteous people and their ease of condemning others. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.

  • Voice

    I wash Myself with a rag on a stick.

    • John

      Anyone overweight can lose weight and it’s not as hard as it’s claimed to be. Keep eating what you do right now and keep track of it, the calories in it. Then every month, lower it some small amount of calories. Eventually you will be normal size.
      If you think that doesn’t work, you’re wrong, I’m living proof it works and the weight stays off, it hasn’t come back.

      If you starve yourself, that doesn’t work, your organs will fail and you might die in the hospital. If you get surgurey, you might also die in the hospital. So what I just told you above, is the best and easiest option, and it’s guaranteed to work. All it takes is you keeping track of the calories each day, and whittling them down over time, 5 or 10 years, and you’ll be normal size. If you want an instant solution, that’s 100% safe, there isn’t one. Surgurey’s can kill. Thnk about it.

      It’s best to never get in the situation in the first place, to limit the calories, but some parents tell their kids to eat up, to stuff themselves every meal, clean their plate after piling it on to the extreme, and they die early, overweight.

      Good luck figuring it out, everyone else will tell you what fails to work, yet costs you money and never gets you anywhere. I just told you the solution, for free.

      • John

        Hols, much the same here. I’m very close to the goal and feel great. I think realistically he could lose 250 lbs over 5 years, then arrive at a normal adult male weight about 5 years later. Where many fail to lose weight, is that they try to lose it all at once, and this puts a horrible stress on their organs, which makes them unable to continue and not want to try again. In one instance, a football player died recently trying to lose weight too fast and he died in the hospital. Going too fast also makes people hungry all day. If he takes his time, and drops the total daily calories a little each month, he’ll get there and probably won’t notice it along the way, except that it’s easier to get around, sleep, work, and enjoy life again as the years progress. Anyway, good luck to him.

      • Randa

        This coming from someone that obviously has never had an issue with weight!
        way to be supportive of others!
        You are right it’s best not to be in that situation. But some do find themselves there and need professional help. I just pray they get it. and then get educated on how not to let it happen again.
        It’s not as black and white as you make it out to be.

      • UpChuck Liberals

        There’s an app for that, it’s called “Lose it”. Can’t beat the price either, it’s FREE. Be honest with yourself an it works.

      • Hols

        Yeah, food diary with calories is excellent. I used this method and have lost 110lbs. I’m almost at my ideal weight after being overweight most of my adult life. Also motivation is key.

    • b

      nice simpsons ref.

  • bag o cheese

    If he can’t get off the couch who is buying the Big Macs?

    • greg

      and who’s paying for them? the people of great britain?

      • Eric

        Great Britain? Uhhhhh……

        Ever heard of Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratory? Livermore, CALIFORNIA. Home of the world’s oldest functioning light bulb. Look it up.

      • Jackie

        greg, article stated he is disabled, a check per mo. would pay.

      • tony

        have some compassion for others bro why money have to be involve in here
        an sure someone will help him without thinking of how much money it will cost

      • mindbender

        Why would anyone in GB pay?

      • David Maxwell

        What does this have to do with the U.K.?

      • Dee

        Livermore is in California, Genius. Liverpool is in England.

      • CD

        Yes, because we all know that California and especially san francisco are so big and important that everything is right next to it. Live Livermore. So naturally after reading this at the end of the article: Copyright 2012 by CBS San Francisco. We would naturally assume Great Britian.

    • claudia

      My heart goes out to this young man. I hope he can recover and have a normal life at a normal size.
      Meantime, who was enabling his continuing weight issues? He isn’t driving to MacDonalds on his own!

    • Chsitopher Early

      Any place that sells anything will deliver if the order is large enough, provided of course they aren’t unionized or in some other situation where their employment status isn’t governed by sales/performance. Not that this is the likely scenario here, but I can imagine this guy being a noticeable % of a store’s profits.

      • ella funt

        May he OWNS his own burger king store????

  • Sarah

    The first step to admitting there is a problem is asking for help. We can all arm chair quarterback about his past and what went wrong but the key is he needs help today. My husband weighed 350 pounds 6 years ago before gastric bypass surgery (not being able to do things with the kids like riding a roller coaster really was a wake up call). It is NOT an easy fix and I learned more about genetics for obesity through his weight loss. He got down to 165 (which really made him look too skinny) but has maintained around 185 today. This year he started running and we plan on running a half marathon together in April. God bless this man. I pray he gets what he needs to succeed.

    • ImLosingit

      You are absolutely right! It’s not easy and I applaud you and your husband for his journey!

  • Arjay

    I count myself lucky every day that I realized early on that I couldn’t just keep eating to fight my depression. I’m still not in great shape after years of struggling with my weight but I’m not in this man’s position.

    Someone enabled him so that he’d get to this point. I sincerely hope this man will get the help he needs and that he’ll strive to be a person who does something with his life. I also hope he will come to have better family/friends than the person or persons who supported him in nearly eating himself to death.

    I wish you well sir. It’s a long road to recovery but you’ll find it is worth it.

  • Coach potatoe

    It’s too late my friend, just eat another dozen double cheeseburgers, fries, a few chocolate shakes and then wash it down with a liter of diet coke.

    • Nawlins

      Coach Potatoe? This guy must actually be Dan Qayle in drag.

  • mmm

    “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
    – George Bernard Shaw


  • Big Dave

    I’m pretty fat myself (375), and have been up to 450 and down to 220 in the last 20 years or so. I’ve found there are 2 and only 2 reasons I and 99% of fat people are overweight. They should both be obvious to anyone with at least half a brain. The first reason is gluttony. If I didn’t overeat I wouldn’t have a weight problem. The second reason is sloth. If I weren’t so lazy I would have a faster metabolism which would burn off the calories faster. This applies to EVERYBODY. 99% of people who claim to have some kind of “glandular” condition are lying to themselves. Anybody who comes to you with some “miracle diet” which promises the pounds will just melt away, is lying to you. The formula for weight loss is simple: eat less and exercise more. I feel sorry for this guy being bed bound but he’s done it to himself. He needs to fix the problem himself. I’ve done it and will do it again. I wish him well and will be praying for him.

    • Not so black and white

      My daughter was born with a medical condition that requires her to take steroids 3 times a day and a salt retaining pill once a day. Due to the fact that the steroids must be a tad over what our bodies would normally make, she will always be overweight. She is very active and eats fine. Sometimes it isn’t as black and white as you make it out to be. More than 1% of people have this condition so it isn’t just 99%. Unfortunately, people think poorly of all overweight people when you really don’t know what is behind it.

      • Eric

        That’s not fat. It’s mostly water. My son was on prednisone too. When he stopped taking it he shrunk back down to size.

        We’re talking about FAT here.

        Everybody burns calories just to live. If you consume fewer calories than you burn, then you will lose fat. (And eventually muscle, too, if you starve yourself long enough.) No pills or glandular conditions or anything else changes that fundamental fact of life. If you aren’t burning calories it’s because you’re DEAD.

      • dano

        obese is defined as 30 pound over your proper weight which is calculated by your height, gender etc.

      • Tricia

        As her parent surely you recognize that weight gain from steroids is not measured in fat rolls? If not, educate yourself for your daughter’s sake. She will need smart parents helping her through her situation.

        There’s a difference in weight gain from steroids and morbid obesity.

      • Tricia

        Overweight is not the same thing as so obese a person can’t leave their home. Excuses , excuses.
        I’ve seen people on this board blame genetics, slow metabolism, etc.
        He didn’t wake up this way. The ownership is on Robert for doing nothing about it for so long AND to the people who are providing the high volumes of food he consumes.
        He needs someone to manage his finances so he can’t order in food. He needs someone with a spine to limit the food stores in his home to only what he needs to healthy intake..for 3 meals per day, which he will prepare for himself. He isn’t hungry. His body is storing enough food to carry him through a very long time. Chew ice, Robert. You’ll make it but YOU have to do the work!
        Turn off his cable TV for 6 months and cut his internet supply. Make him move. Make him think. Make him set goals and plan his future.

    • Eric

      Big Dave, you are SO right. People’s metabolic rates vary widely, but EVERYBODY burns calories merely by living. Even a totally sedentary adult with a cold thyroid is going to burn about a thousand calories a day just sitting there watching TV, at a minimum.

      If you consume fewer calories than you burn then you will lose weight. Period.

      “Glandular conditions” don’t change that fundamental fact.

      As for you: Get a lap band. It cures “gluttony.” One half of a hard-boiled egg and you’ll feel full and satisfied. Any more and you’ll be in pain and throw up. Problem solved.

      About 5 years ago I got tired of weighing 225 and did Atkins. In 6 months I lost 30 pounds. I was still lazy, and never exercised, but I dropped weight like crazy while eating cheese, bacon and eggs all the time. My blood pressure dropped. My blood sugar stabilized. Even my CHOLESTEROL numbers improves, since I was burning fat and cholesterol for fuel.

      Then I ate a doughnut. POOF! Right back up to where I started, even faster than the weight came off. The diet was ultimately unsustainable. I couldn’t keep living like that.

      Now I’m 225 again. High blood pressure. Unstable blood sugar. Developing gout. High cholesterol. I take a fistful of pills every day. I know how this story is going to end. And I know why: Because I eat junk food and I’m lazy. Period. My ‘glands” are just fine.

    • Avenger

      Thanks for the common sense post, Dave!

    • getoveryourself

      Due to my mothers many many health issues. that have been reoccuring since the 1970’s she has been on and off Steroids for 40 plus years. She has been overweight many of those years. Having said that.. let me explain something. When One has Crohns disease there is no medical reason or explination to be overweight. for Obvious reasons. ITS THE STEROIDS. Are you telling me it’s her own fault?? that is she werent a glutton or lazy she wouldn’t be over weight!! Hmmmmm I believe you would be mistaken! we are just grateful she is ALIVE and as active as she can be! She has a hard time digesting and keeping nutrition from food and is allergic to just about everything so she eats to stay alive but according to you she is lazy and a glutton!! here is a thought if you are going to talk that mess, just shove another cheeseburger in your pie hole because you are completely clueless!!

    • asdf

      I’m overweight and I do not overeat. The ONLY way I lose weight is to cut out all breads, pasta, white rice, etc. I can only eat meat, cheese, eggs, and non-starchy veggies and some fruits. Not every one is overweight because of a large calorie consumption.

      • Tricia

        Overweight is not the same thing as 700 lbs and unable to do anything but sit around. Robert stopped living. Nobody can make him live. It’s up to him and the people who care about him. They can do it if they all look in the mirror and take ownership for what they’ve done.

    • Hols

      I’m telling you I was a fat ass. Nothing got me motivated like watching my mom who was overweight her whole life die of cancer. It made me want to do everything in my power to do right. Motivation is Key. Then put down the quarter pounders and pizza and get off the couch. I know been there done that.

    • starwhite

      I can agree that environment is a factor, yes, BUT to be stupid enough to not realize that genetics plays a BIG role literally in who ends up skinny and who ends up FAT is flat out wrong. People ignore the fact that some people are geared by nature to be obese. Like diabetes, eye color, alcoholism, height, etc…they ignore this because they love to pick on people less fortunate than themselves, pure meanness.

  • NoBama2012

    Close your mouth Mr. Disability.
    When you lose 500 lbs, go get a fricking job.
    Turn off the T.V!
    Start moving!

    • greg

      and pay back the welfare you’ve received

  • Jordan A

    stop judging this man and help him!

    • Eric

      The best way to help him would be to change his locks so whoever is feeding him all that fast food can’t get in. Somebody is doing this to him. McDonalds doesn’t deliver.

      Though Burger King is talking about starting a delivery service. Can you imagine? It’s the End of Days. We’ve become so sedentary that we can’t get off the couch to drive thru at BK any more. This guy is the shape of things to come.

      Only in America do poor people get fatter instead of skinnier.

    • Flax Seed

      No one judging him facilitated his condition

    • Avenger

      Okay, here is some help: STOP EATING SO MUCH FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ronjon


    • Tricia

      Jordan, how do you propose we stop the man from consuming copious amounts of food? We can send him money but he’s not going to change until he takes all the first, second, and third steps. We can’t help him. Be realistic.

      A beggar can collect all sorts of money but until he gets the ambition to better himself, there’s nothing any donor can do for him.

  • charley nash

    If you have NO ambition to just do anything with your life but sit on a couch this is how it will turn out. Didn’t this guy have anything he wanted to accomplish in his life except extrude feces out his backside?

  • venus

    wow all the negitive comments i hope he gets help and he will with dr phil on the way

  • ronwagn

    Whoever brings food to these people needs to find out what diet the doctor recommends, and bring them only that. Then they need to fend off all the other people they will try to get to enable them. Make sure he has plenty of water and a vitamin pill daily. I feel more sorry for whoever has to take care of them, unless they are well paid.

    • Edie Faylor

      I don’t feel sorry for him at all. The tax payers are already taking care of him, and it is probably a public nurse who comes in to clean him etc. So ‘nice’ we are paying for all his Big Macs and pizzas. What he needs is 3 small meals a day, a couple of jugs of water and vitamins. That is it – oh but wait, once he looses the weight, the state will pay for his body surgery to get rid of all the loose skin – those types of surgeries are upward of $100,000.00 – after working all my life, I certainly couldn’t afford it.

      • ronwagn

        Just found this. I agree.
        All the best,
        Ron Wagner RN

  • ominiscient

    watching tv, eating, not working….hmmmm…obviously a democrat

    • Eric

      He doesn’t vote. They don’t carry the booth to your couch.

    • NoBama2012

      …and stealing internet access from someone else. Of course he is a Democrat!

  • N.D. Pendant

    One of Sandra Fluke’s boyfriends?

    • NoBama2012

      That was funny!!!

    • roger

      Maybe Odongo can call him up too, tell him hes been victimized.

  • lukenev

    He will be on TV and get thousands of dollars of help from well meaning folks, He is a lazy person that wants something for nothing. Everything in life requires work. The old saying” the harder I work the lucker I get”…The man says teach a man to not eat and he will get thin.

    • Hopeful

      You’re right, and the sad part is, in a few years, he’ll end up back where he is, only because he “got help” for the wrong reasons. I pray that doesn’t happen to him, but I’m afraid it’s an all too familiar story nowadays; everyone seems to think they’re entitled to the perfect life, but don’t realize the work behind the scene.

  • sweetie

    Ok, y’all, the majic number is 300. Period. NObody should weigh over that number NOBODY. If this is you, get your lazy azz to SOMEONE – now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Max

      i’m 6’4″ and 305. Used to be 360 but stopped drinking beer and lost some weight. All it takes is less eating and more moving and you can maintain. I’m sure someone will pay for him to have a gastric bypass and then some lipo. maybe then he’ll get off his ass and get active. Jobs are great for that. He should try one!!!

    • leatherface2012

      what if you’re 9 feet tall?

      • Avenger

        Good one!!

    • ronjon


  • Gerald

    I have never walked a mile in his shoes. I hope that we can all watch the video of how someone helped him get control of his life. Clearly, food has been his only friend.

    • Avenger

      You call the substance that made him fat a friend?????

    • LOR


      • CD

        Hahaha… Before anyone can walk a mile in his shoes, He’d have to do it first.

  • jakfak

    I have no sympathy for this man, who gorges himself on fast food (two pizzas and 2 liters of coke, for example, as reported in the video). You make your bed, you sleep in it. Of course the liberal San Francisco press sees it differently.

    • Jones

      He is mentally ill (depression, anxiety) – the obesity is just a symptom. He deserves sympathy.

      • Tricia

        Stop trying to disable the man, Jones.

        When he stops consuming more than he burns, he’ll do well.

        He doesn’t need a diagnosis. He’s given himself every excuse for years.

        He needs a plan or he’s going to die a very lonely man.

  • Keir

    I assume the help he’s looking for is someone to pay for his surgery. He’s clearly too useless to do anything for himself.

    • Tricia

      They won’t do surgery on him until he gets his weight down anyway….nor should they. This took him years to do to himself, it’s going to take a long time to undo.

  • Christin

    I went to elementary school with this guy, and he was struggling with his weight then. I think he also had emotional problems as well. I remember him getting suspended because he threw a stapler at someone in my class. I hope he can get his life turned around.

    I also feel that people who say they have no sympathy for this guy are very rude. I sincerely doubt you people understand what it is like to struggle with food addiction. It is a psychological disorder, and once you get heavy, it often seems like you have no way of ever losing that weight. Once you get really heavy (which he has been since at least the 5th grade, when he was in my class), it is incredibly difficult to exercise. By then, I know it was already tough to exercise.

    I still struggle with my weight. I never weighed as much as him, or even close, but since last year I went from weighing 196 pounds to weighing 144, and that is counting muscle. I went from a size 18 to a size 8. But you know what? I still struggle with portion control and have to work really hard at it.

    As for his childhood, yes, someone obviously was feeding him, but as a kid, I doubt he understood exactly what eating that much was doing to him.

    Don’t judge, people. It’s not your job. If he wants to raise the money so that he can get his life turned around, I don’t see anything wrong with that. I wish him the best of luck, and I think those who are criticizing him have no right to do so unless they have personally struggled with food addiction. You really don’t understand what it does to you psychologically and how incredibly tough it is to fight it.

    • HW

      Funny how you say don’t judge people and your post is all about judging those who disagree with you. Hypocrisy much?

      • Christin

        You’re right, and I apologize. That was hypocritical of me. If I could edit my post now and change what I said, I would, because you make an extremely valid point. What I should have said is that we should reach out to those who are struggling and give them a helping hand. I did not intend to be judgmental, but I was.

      • Cathy Worth

        Christin comments are expressed well. Have you read some of the comments
        that are crude and surely not something that would be said directly to Robert.

        Robert needs those who support and not those who are so willing to kick someone who is down. Word choice says much about one and the diction of some on this string of comments are shocking.

      • Dee

        The simple truth is that it becomes easy to judge those when becoming an anonymous internet critic. I’m willing to bet that if this were someone that we knew, it would be a much, much different story. It’s harder to be cruel when we know the person we are judging. Well said, Christin.

    • Cathy Worth


      I think no need for an apology. Please stand behind your words.

      You have a well written response that would be encouraging for Robert.

      I do not agree that HW captured the true “inking of your thinking” and may have captured only a small segment — if any.

      The best to you,
      Dr. Worth . . .

    • CD

      Why do people say “Don’t Judge!” I don’t get it. If you are trying to quote the Bible, then it’s Judge righteous Judgement. We judge people all the time. If I see a group of teenagers with baggy pants, my first thought and probably the correct one is delinquents. It’s how you stay safe, you judge someone or a group based on appearance and avoid them or associate them. This is why first impressions are so important, we want people to judge us a certain way.

      Literally, “don’t Judge” means you saying, “Hello child molester, I’m going to assume you have been reformed and would like you to watch my children while I go out for a few hours.” See how silly that is?

      • Dee

        There is a large difference between judging those who actively hurt others and those who are caught in addictions. And no.. I was making no references to the Bible. Just being human. Your reasoning, CD, is erroneous. And as a former high school teacher, I can personally tell you that baggy pants does not equal ‘juvenile delinquent’. It just equals really bad fashion.

      • Tricia

        Her ‘don’t judge’ was judgmental. :)

        Doesn’t matter. Robert threw a stapler as a child?

        The guy has apparently spent his lifetime consumed with self absorption.

        So, even if he could get down to a weight healthy enough for surgery the truth is this–weight doesn’t fall off, even after surgery, without having the will to make it happen. Robert won’t pass psychological testing for weight loss surgery at this point. Victims don’t make good candidates for weight loss surgery. So, he’d better dig deep and suck it up if he wants a good life from here on. Because, it’s going to take work and all the donations in the world won’t make it easy.

  • Avenger

    If you REALLY want to lose weight, then the next time you want to eat something, just say NO or at the very least limit the amount you eat. You eat to satify your craving. The ball REALLY IS in YOUR court!

    • common man

      see that’s were the “help” part comes in. Some people need “Help” achiving that goal. Some people need help modifing their behavior. I belive eating disorders are one of those things. Telling an anorexic person “just eat damn it ” may not work. Telling a crack head “hey put that pipe down” my not be enough ya ya ya .

      • Tricia

        Helping an anorexic doesn’t work unless they are serious about getting better. Same for the crack head. Same for anyone. You can give a person 40 of the best teachers and counselors but unless they change what they’ve been doing, it’s all for naught.

        Ultimately, It’s up to Robert. He needs to get on the phone Monday morning and set up a two hour long doctor appointment and be prepared to have things said that he doesn’t want to hear. Take home a copy of a healthy eating plan. After that, he needs to go home and empty his home from all foods and give his care-givers a shopping list, instructing them not to veer from it.

  • roger

    STOP consuming sugar, fats and carbs!! Break a sweat once in a while. This guys in control of what goes into his mouth!

    What the hell is that music playing in the background?

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