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PHOENIX, Ariz. (CBS 5) – Gavin Newsom, you have a phone call on line one.

“Gavin?  KJ here. Now that’s how you keep a team from leaving your city.”
The salvos are being fired from Oakland to San Francisco and back over the A’s battle for the Giants territorial rights in San Jose.  What we’ve known for years is finally being played out for all to see. The A’s hate the Giants and the Giants hate the A’s.  Great stuff, isn’t it?  Now THIS is what a rivalry should be.
As far as I can tell, I am in the minority on this issue.  I don’t blame the A’s owners and I think a stronger franchise is better for everyone in baseball, including the Giants. Wolff has tried and failed everywhere to get a new stadium.  The Giants can relate to that.  What’s the guy supposed to do? We’re all fully aware of the history of this silly little “territorial rights” issue.  Make it right, make it work and don’t blow the luxury of a two-team, two-league territory.  
Peyton Manning to the 49ers?  Ridiculous. If there is anything we’ve learned about Jim Harbaugh, it’s that he’s as loyal to his players as the players are to him. He doesn’t say much, but he means what he says. And if he says that Alex Smith is his guy, then Alex Smith is his guy.  Period.
After spending a week in Arizona I can tell you the Giants are clearly better than last year. But so are the Diamondbacks and Rockies.  Here are a few of my observations.
Why isn’t he a bigger part of the conversation? Brett Pill
MASH Unit:  Freddy Sanchez. I never saw him without ice on his shoulder.
Is anybody else worried? Buster Posey
Keep your eye on: Heath Hembree and cue up the Wild Thing music
Much ado about Nothing:  Tim Lincecum’s back
Hit .250 and it’s yours: Brandon Crawford
Player I’d like to see succeed:  Shawn Sanford. (see this story on this website for the reason why)
Player I’d like to see comeback: Barry Zito
Player who probably never will comeback: Angel Villalona
Player I’d like to interview again: Angel Pagan
And on the A’s Front:
Underrated: The entire outfield.
Lock: Josh Reddick
Player to watch: Michael Taylor
Not this again: Daric Barton
Why not this again: Brandon Allen
What ever happened to:  Chris Carter
Short leash: Josh Donaldson
What’s the weather like? Sonny Gray
Encore will be better: Jemile Weeks
Better than u think: The entire pitching staff
Player I’d like to interview again..and again..and again: Dallas Braden
Thank God!: Bob Melvin
See you on TV.

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