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mylesandliam e1331243781918 Foodie Chap: O’Reilly’s In San Francisco

Liam Mayclem & Myles O’Reilly (credit:

KCBS radio ‘Foodie Chap’ and CBS 5 television ‘Eye On The Bay’ host Liam Mayclem introduces us to the culinary stars behind the food and wine loved by so many in the Bay Area.

Myles O’Reilly is the king of the castle, his Irish castle otherwise known as O’Reilly’s Irish pub and restaurant. It’s a wee piece of the Emerald Isle in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. For two decades Myles has been at the helm serving up good cheer, good Guinness and good food.

A native of Ireland he came to America in the 80′s looking for a slice of the American dream. Bar a few ups and downs along the way he found his piece of the dream in 1995 with the opening of O’Reilly’s Bar, now one of the most popular bars in San Francisco. O’Reilly’s Irish charm, wit and good spirit flows generously like the Guinness poured here. The long tenure of his staff is testament to his kind spirit. Deidre Black for example has been a fixture and a welcoming face at the bar since it opened 17 years ago.

mylesoreillyhs Foodie Chap: O’Reilly’s In San Francisco

Myles O’Reilly (credit:

“St.Patrick’s Day is every day here at O’Reilly’s.”
– Myles O’Reilly

O’Reilly’s also serves up some grand pub grub that is a cut above the usual pub fare. Chef Luis Moreno takes charge of the menu, boasting a handful of delicious Irish dishes. My favorite and a reminder of home is the Cottage Pie – a classic recipe; ground beef, veggies and fluffy mashed potatoes with of course lashings of butter. However the Corned beef & cabbage is the order of the day here with Chef Luis own mark on this O’Reilly’s special.

The biggest day in the Irish calendar is of course St.Patrick’s Day and O’Reilly’s in North Beach is the place to be. Food will be served from 8:30am – 12:30pm, but the pints will be a pourin’ until 2am.

Tap into your inner Irish and join the great Myles O’Reilly and his army of Irish friends on Saturday March 17th. See you there.

Meantime enjoy the pod cast with myself and Myles; two pairs of Irish eyes smiling. Here more about St.Patrick’s Day and his annual Oyster festivals in San Francisco and San Diego.

SLAINTE (Cheers in Gaelic)!!


5 Tasty Questions with Myles O’Reilly

1. It’s midnight and we go to your fridge, what will we find?
A nice pint of Guinness or a Guinness in a can. I’d make a nice sandwich with white sliced bread.

2. What makes a good pint?
A good pint first of all is a good clean, hygienic glass with no filament on the glass whatsoever, a good temperature at 36-37 degrees, poured well and let settle, that makes a great might Guinness.

3. In a second life you come back as something other than a bar owner, what will you be?
A helicopter pilot. I have a fetish for helicopters. I love helicopters.

4. In the soundtrack to your life, pick one song and one artist.
Lou Kelley “Ragland Lord.” That’s my favorite song.

5. At your last supper, you can have a couple of guests, who would they be and what would you eat?
A couple of guests would be I’d wish to have my family back again, my girlfriend, my son, yourself of course and we’d have Van Morrison to keep us company and sing nice songs, but definitely oysters!

Liam: Five tasty answers, Thank you!

cornedbeefcabbage01 Foodie Chap: O’Reilly’s In San Francisco

O’Reilly’s Corned Beef and Cabbage (credit:

O’Reilly’s Corned Beef and Cabbage with Colcannon and Mustard Parsley Sauce


Five lbs. beef brisket (feeds six to seven people)
4 quarts water
2 cups salt
2 cups of brown sugar
Half table spoon of pink salt/Himalayan salt
2 table spoons of juniper berries
2 table spoons of whole black peppercorn
1 head green cabbage. (large)

3 lbs. peeled russet potatoes
5 pints water
1 bunch black kale
1 red onion
1 cup manufacturing cream
¼ cup butter
Salt and Pepper to taste

3 cups manufacturing cream
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
3 table spoons of Dijon mustard


Mix brown sugar, salt, pink salt, pepper and juniper berries in water in large saucepan to create a brine. Place brisket in brine, cover and refrigerate for 5 days. After 5 days, boil on high heat for 3 hours.
Drain brine into another saucepan. Clean and quarter head of cabbage and add to brine. Bring to boil and cook cabbage for 15-20 minutes. Then drain off brine.

Boil russet potatoes in water for twenty minutes till tender then drain off water. Add cream and butter and purée with a whisk. Add salt and pepper to season. Set to side. Blanch bunch of kale in boiling water for one minute. Transfer into Ice water to keep color then in another pan sauté one sliced red onion for five minutes on low heat, add kale into the onions and cook for two minutes then add to whisked potatoes and mix well.
Reduce manufacturing cream on medium heat for ten minutes or until a thick consistency is reached. Add three table spoons of mustard and table spoon of chopped parsley and stir into cream for 1 minute.
To plate, slice corned beef brisket, add cabbage and colcannon to plate and serve sauce on the side.


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  1. PJ says:

    I will never eat at this place again…not after being served an entire basket of completely moldy bread. So disgusting. Left a bad Yelp review and posted a pic of the bread.

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