SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF/AP) – San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon has said he has doubts about the sincerity of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi‘s guilty plea to a charge of misdemeanor false imprisonment.

Gascon told the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board on Thursday that statements Mirkarimi made after he entered the plea this week lead him to question whether the sheriff really believes he is guilty.

Gascon said he plans to take up the issue with the judge at Mirkarimi’s sentencing on Monday.

Mirkarimi was accused of bruising his wife’s arm during an argument on New Year’s Eve. Prosecutors agreed to drop more serious charges, including domestic violence battery, in exchange for his plea.

Mirkarimi’s attorney, Lidia Stiglich, said her client is unconditionally accepting responsibility for the incident and wants to move forward.

So why then the public debate over Mirkarimi’s sincerity? – Politics. Both Mirkarimi and Gascon are politicians, and are doing their best to spin the story in their favor.

Gascon, in particular, doesn’t want to come across as the type of District Attorney who cuts deals behind closed doors.

Mirkarimi, for his part, wants to salvage his political career and reputation, which explains why he would be inclined to get “ahead of the story” and spin it in his favor.

Gascon believes Mirkarimi has been making comments “around town,” essentially complaining that his hands were tied and he “had no choice” but to enter the guilty plea.

KCBS, CBS 5 and SF Chronicle Insider Phil Matier Reports:

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Comments (4)
  1. The PublicIsn't Blind says:

    Quote: “Gascon believes Mirkarimi has been making comments “around town,” essentially complaining that his hands were tied and he “had no choice” but to enter the guilty plea.”

    Uh, well yeah…..when any fool can clearly see serious bruising, and there was more that one witness to your verbal & physical abuse…THAT pretty much means a jury isn’t going to buy any claim of “I’m innocent”. So that pretty much narrows your choices, I’d say…

  2. namvet527 says:

    SMIRKAWEENIE now you know how we all feel when we are forced up against the wall by the legal system you are in charge of. I have had to accept a guilty plea cuz it was the best way out, even though I was innocent. JOIN THE REAL WORLD SMIRKAWEENIE!!!

  3. namvet527 says:

    America is led by a corrupt president & San FranSISSYco is led by a corrupt sheriff.

  4. Urbansavage3.14 says:

    Is this the biggest case the DA can work on? Of course, charge him, abuse is bad, but aren’t there other cases out there needing more attention?

    Didn’t someone steal drugs from a crime lab, which caused some cases to be dismissed?

    I guess the DA has to start somewhere, hopefully he will be equally earnest about other cases in the future…..

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