San Francisco Muni Set To Launch ‘All-Door Boarding’ July 1st

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— San Francisco’s Muni hopes to launch an ‘All Door Boarding’ program on July 1st in order to give passengers a faster ride to their destination.

Muni has historically banned riders from boarding at the back of its buses because of concerns that passengers are getting on without paying their fare. However, it’s no secret that people break the rules and do it anyway.

The plan is to add fare inspectors so passengers who have transfers, fast passes and clipper cards can board at any door.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

Muni spokesman Paul Rose said fine tuning is currently underway.

“We’re working to take a finalized plan to our board that will outline how we’ll implement this and how we’ll enforce it for the long term,” Rose said.

Mario Tanev, from the San Francisco Transit Riders Union, said this will be good for both passengers and Muni and that they’ll be able to provide the same level of service with fewer vehicles.

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  • oldfart

    this is just another example of MUNI subsidizing the poor, the illegals, and the thugs.

    Who in their right mind believes the people entering through the rear doors will pay is out of their mind.

    Muni may get a better on time performance, but revenues will decrease and then passed on to more parking tickets and higher meter rates.

    one vicious cycle benefiting the low income at the expense of the middle class


    Totally agree with “OLDFART” Another loss in revenues another increase in fares. As rude as people are how are you supposed to exit the bus at your stop with all the fare evaders pileing on let alone the pick pockets. It will be like riding the bus in Rome on the Vatican run.

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