SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The new iPad was definitely a hot item when it went on sale Friday. But some people who bought the device think it may be just a bit too hot.

The Internet has been atwitter the past couple of days with reports that the lower left hand corner of the tablet was noticeably warmer than its predecessor. Responding to those claims, Consumer Reports ran its own tests and found it can get as hot as 116 degrees when playing an action game.

I did my own test, and while I didn’t play the same game they played, I watched a movie for about an hour. It got pretty warm – but I wouldn’t call it hot.”

KCBS’ Larry Magid Comments:

Some bloggers said that Apple has mishandled this problem, and that they’re deceiving the public, but Apple has publicly said that the temperatures are within their allowable thermal limit. Still, Apple hasn’t released its thermal limits, so it’s unclear what the exact standards are.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

I would say that Apple could be a little more forthcoming as to exactly which tests they did, and what criteria they use, but this is typical Apple.

It isn’t a surprise that the new iPad is hotter, according to Michael Gartenburg, consumer technology researcher with Gartner Research.

”You’re talking about a device with a faster processor, quad-core graphics chip, high resolution screen,” said Gartenberg. “If you stress it, it’s going to get warm.”

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