MORGAN HILL (KCBS) — The purse 15-year-old Sierra LaMar was carrying when she disappeared has been found with clothing neatly folded inside, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday.

Sgt. Jose Cardoza, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, said a Juicy purse had been found on Sunday, and authorities delayed announcing its discovery because of the ongoing investigation.

LaMar remains missing. She was last seen leaving her home near Palm and Dougherty avenues on Friday, March 16 and did not show up to school that day.

lamar search Police Find Purse Belonging To Missing Morgan Hill Teenager

Santa Clara Sheriffs search and rescue team members look for clues to the disappearance of Sierra LaMar near Santa Teresa and Laguna, in the area where Sierra's bag was found.(CBS)

Cardoza also said civilian volunteers would help investigators do another search around LaMar’s home and the surrounding properties in unincorporated Morgan Hill.

Her cell phone, found intact in a field near the house on Monday, has not yielded any clues to her whereabouts. It has since been submitted to the Santa Clara County Crime Lab for further testing.

An FBI spokesman confirmed Monday that federal agents were also helping with the investigation.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Team was ordered to visit all registered sex offenders in the area.

The girl’s father, Steve LaMar, is a registered sex offender who lives in Fremont. Investigators said they do not consider him a suspect in Sierra’s disappearance.

Although there was no evidence of foul play, interviews with her family and students at Ann Sobrato High School in Morgan Hill and Washington High School in Fremont have not uncovered any evidence suggesting Sierra was unhappy at home or that she ran away.

Police describe Sierra as 5 feet 2 inches tall with has a thin build. Sierra was last seen carrying a Juicy brand black and pink purse located on Sunday.

Anyone with information about Sierra or her whereabouts should contact Santa Clara County Communications at (408) 299-2311. During business hours, tipsters can call sheriff’s investigators at (408) 808-4500 or the anonymous tip line at (408) 808-4431.

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Comments (3)
  1. Lana Jason says:

    Simply read this “girl’s” Twitter feed and the real issue becomes quite clear. This 15 year old over a long period time explicitly tweets about her rampant hard drug use, multiple sexual encounters and ghetto life.

    She describes it so well that Snoop Dogg would have hard time out doing her profanity. This girl hooked up with the wrong “playa” is what has happened.

    Twitter Link:!/cccairuh

  2. Concerend Citizen says:

    I disagree Lana… She sounds like a typical high schooler.
    What should be noticed, is the couple of people she was tweeting that no longer have active twitter accounts in the last 2 weeks.

  3. Sad for Sierra says:

    WOW Lana good investigating – not sure why this hasn’t hit the news. Concerned Citizen – ‘A typical high schooler’???! Where do you live…that is NOT what a ‘typical high schooler’ sounds like that I know of. If I were her parent I’d be monitoring her Twitter and shut it down if I saw just ONE of those tweets. SAD! She was obivously an emotionally lost little girl. All neg tweets, about drugs, being partying, and profanity. She was definitely in with the ‘wrong crowd’. Doesn’t mean anything like this should happen to her – but I see that those you hang with- doing drugs, etc. whether it’s you or not, you put your life in danger. Also she retweeted she did not want to go to school. I bet they find an ‘older guy’ drop out druggie that she ran off with – but he was not the ‘cute bad-boy’ she thought he’d be. Sad to see this type of thing. Young beautiful girls trying to be tough…I am sure she’s acting out from things from her childhood…I mean how crazy it must be to have your dad as a registered sex offender…not acting out, esp as a teenager would be hard! I pray they find her soon, before the guy that abducted her does something stupid. 😦

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