YUBA COUNTY (CBS 5) — An East Bay woman was out of jail Monday, two days after Central Valley authorities cited and arrested her for speeding three times in a one-hour span.

According to the California Highway Patrol, 53-year-old Lynne Cahill-Gomez of Hayward was arrested in Saturday night in Yuba County, north of Sacramento. Police said she was driving her SUV at 103 miles per hour on Highway 70 near Kempton Road in Sutter County around 8:10 p.m.

Twenty minutes later, authorities said Cahill-Gomez was pulled over after traveling at 105 miles per hour.

Police said the third incident happened 40 minutes later. According to officers, she was caught traveling 76 miles per hour in a 55 zone. She was arrested for reckless driving.

Cahill-Gomez said she was rushing to help her 79-year-old mother who had fallen on her bad knee.

“I’ve never driven 100 mph, so I didn’t know my car could even go 100 mph, but I wasn’t worried about that. I was worried about my mom,” she said.

She paid $400 to get her vehicle back and faces additional fines.

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Comments (42)
  1. proud_bay_man says:

    Take her license away for a year. That’ll slow her down. So disgusting.

    1. Jill says:

      No it won’t, she will just drive without it.

    2. Future Vision says:

      All you people complaining will find it interesting that for a car with a .85 drag coefficient to successfully attain flight must accelerate to 156.75 mph…when flying cars become available, how will anyone be able to fly them if you can’t go more than 100 mph???

    3. T says:

      If her mom was that bad off maybe she should have called 911 instead of putting everyone else on the road in danger. This woman is a danger on the raod!

      1. JT says:

        Amen to that.

    4. americaisspoiled says:

      can people cry just a little more. She was distressed and made a foolish move….speeding. 3 times in a row is excessive but each individual accident is still just a basic speeding ticket. Cry just a little harder people. Its really sad how many people are offended when they themselves drive like idiots 24/7

  2. La Sombra Negra says:

    Beatch,, hope nobody will insure her, hope she loses her car and license. And hope she doesn’t pay the additional fines so winds back in jail. That’s what you get for endangering all those other people on the highways.

  3. Charles says:

    So…i drive at 100 all the time. Cleanest record around, too. Just because some people are afraid of driving at normal speeds, doesn’t mean we are all unable to. If your reaction times are less than normal, then please by all means not drive fast. But for the rest of us normal folk, 100mph is nothing.

    1. Noi Thorkor says:

      I hope you cause an accident and get to live the rest of your life thinking about how your killed a human being because you’re a selfish ass who can’t drive safely.

      1. Den says:

        Wow, wishing people dead. That’s something. And most of us who drive 100+ aren’t texting, or talking on the phone, or dealing with other distractions like most speed limit drivers because we’re too busy PAYING ATTENTION TRYING TO AVOID ALL THOSE IDIOTS ON THE ROAD…

    2. Noi Thorkor says:

      Den, it would be good for you to get in an accident where you run into a telephone pole and end up living a life in a wheelchair with a mangled body. When your arrogant reckless driving kills someone else I hope they sue you for every cent that your gimp ass has.

    3. ken says:

      Once had my 450SL up to 131 mph about 20 years. Almost no one else on the freeway.

    4. me says:

      and what makes you so special?

    5. Robin says:

      I believe that’s pretty much what Nick Hogan used to think…

      1. Darwin says:

        Nice reference. I guess he was running wild on them, huh!

    6. DaPoPoMan says:

      Sorry Charlie, but normal traffic and roadways are not designed for people to be driving 100 MPH. You may think you have a clean record, but I guarantee that you are one of those clowns I see dodging in and out of traffic dangerously. When you and your superior reflexes get caught up with I hope it is only you in the hospital. Also, you say you drive 100 all the time, so that would be on city streets as well as the freeway. You also probably have the special ability to text and drive at 100 MPH too, right? You’re an idiot, please slowdown, the life you save might be your own!

      1. Noi Thorkor says:

        There’s no reason for him to save his own life… it’s trash. He should drive as fast an recklessly as he possibly can right into a solid brick wall.

  4. Noi Thorkor says:

    “East Bay Women Cited, Arrested For Speeding 3 Times In An Hour”

    The singular of women is WOMAN. She’s ONE WOMAN CBS, not several.

    Back in the day there used to be people whose job it was to be literate and to correct errors like these. They were called Editors and they helped improve the Quality of the writing that they edited. CBS might want to look into that. Just sayin’

    1. Frank Yeh says:

      Amen to that!

    2. tn says:

      CBS has solved its editing departments fiscal labor issues by eliminating “Copy Editor Manager” and transferred its responsibility to the “Comments Department.” All they have done (and quite successfully) is to print whatever the journalists write and let the commentators proofread and type in their grammatical and diction corrections. All done for free!

      1. Noi Thorkor says:

        > All done for free!

        Damn it, they got me! In their defense though… look at the picture of that cow… she doesn’t look like just one person. She looks like one of those Russian dolls where a person is in a person in a person, each one getting more ass-ugly.

  5. tn says:

    Maybe she can save on US postage and send all 3 citation fines in one envelope? That’s one heck of a record.

  6. Kev says:

    She is a champion of the stoopid! If you are looking for karma to reach out to her for driving like an a$$, then look at her and see she was born with it.

  7. tn says:

    Everyone, please chill. Put yourself in her shoes- if you were her and woke up every morning and looked in the mirror and saw her face staring back at you, you have every right to say, “Why me?- and then speed 100mph on the open road so hopefully, less people would have to see you. It appears she’s practicing quite well to compete for the coveted Darwin Award.

  8. JD says:

    Anyone ever give a thought to the need for funding pension obligations and city coffers? The police and CHP are MUCH more active these days trying to generate revenue. Much more speed traps lately.
    I wonder what the cost would be to call 911, pay for the ambulance service, then the urgent care, then each doctor and test (all billed separately by the way).
    Maybe speeding is actually cheaper. ?

  9. AAA says:

    theres this thing on the dashboard woman, its called a speedometer, it tells you your speed. “IDK what 100 mph is” BS

  10. Vacaville Gal says:

    3 tickets….and she couldn’t just SLOW DOWN! Whatever happened to CALL A FRIEND in the AREA to check on your mom, or better yet call EMERGENCY SERVICES to check on her instead of putting your life and everyone else’s at risk.

    1. nikia Delephine says:

      EMERGENCY SERVICES is too expensive.

  11. nikia Delephine says:

    I feel sorry to her, seriously she was rushing to help her 79-year-old mother who had fallen on her bad knee. Poor her, it happen a lot that people traveling 76 miles per hour in a 55 zone., it should raise up to be 65, 55 is too low.

    1. Noi Thorkor says:

      If she loves her mother so much then why does she live so far way?

      1. SpikeVFR says:

        just cause you live far away, does NOT mean you don’t love your mother

  12. Choice says:

    She panicked and really needed to CALM DOWN!!! Accessing the situation might have been her best choice. First her mom was in pain regardless how fast or slow she drove. Could her mom have waited longer, we don’t know and an EMT could have answered that. But if it had been an emergency calling for an ambulance would have been better than waiting for her arrival. Now she is getting what she deserves for driving fast.

    1. Darwin says:

      Umm, I guarantee you emergency medical services will get there faster than this fool travelling at silly speeds from the Bay Area.

  13. JT says:

    I know from being a retired police officers that people with revoked or suspended licenses still drive. Put a club on her vehicle(s) so she won’t drive it or them.

    1. Noi Thorkor says:

      Wow, you were more than one police officer at a time? Were you your own partner?

  14. William says:

    It doesn’t hurt until you hit or kill someone.

    1. Noi Thorkor says:

      It’s never the d-bag drivers who end up dead or mangled it’s the innocent family with children.

  15. Stan Jose says:

    Was that a Santa Fe she was driving? If it is I’m gonna get one….

  16. talexander says:

    She can’t think that anyone will believe her story about her mother does she?

    the fact of the matter is that we can be 99.99% sure that she never mentioned anything about an injured relative. How do I know??

    Any cop pulling someone over going 100mph would ask “why r u goin so fast”
    and someone going to help her ill mother would certainly say so. Heck, even a person set on making this excuse would. Then, the first officer would insist on the lady not driving, and would make sure Emergency services help the mother.

    Game, set, match—max penalty for making up such a horrible excuse
    Any officer worth his/her badge would have made sure that emergency services were calle

    1. Noi Thorkor says:

      What country do you live in? This happened in the United States, where Law Enforcement is a for-profit venture. Any cop that pulled over a revenue producer like this woman wouldn’t do doodly in regards to calling emergency services (which the woman could have done for her mother without endangering the lives of everone on the road).

    2. SpikeVFR says:

      No, an officer may not have called for EMS for someone who “fell on their knee”.
      Plus having been lied to more than once about “rushing to an injured relative’s aid”. They may be gun shy about calling out EMS on a wild goose chase.
      And just because they are a cop does not make them smart of compassionate. There have been video tapes of people rushing to the hospital, only to be pulled over, and not getting away. Pregnancies and a fairly famous one a few years back where the cop pulled him over as he pulled into the parking lot after his dad had a heart attack, Dad died while the guy was getting a lecture, hospital staff came out to confirm story and were shooed away. And the guy wasn’t doing 100+ MPH.

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