Our Consumer Helpline is (888) 5-HELPS-U / 888-543-5778

Thanks to the dedication of our experienced helpline volunteers, we’ve quietly solved many consumer problems that never made it to air as news stories on CBS 5.

If you have a consumer question or problem, call our ConsumerWatch hotline at (888) 5-HELPS-U (1-888-543-5778). Our team of experienced volunteers is there to help you Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. You can also fill out this form and submit to our ConsumerWatch unit.

ConsumerWatch is also looking for volunteers to staff its consumer hotline. If you’re retired or not working and have life or work experience that could help viewers solve their consumer problems, you might be ideal for our ConsumerWatch volunteer team. We have retired government workers, lawyers, teachers, travel agents and corporate executives who volunteer their time a few hours a week to assist in our problem solving unit. If you’re interested, send us an email at consumerwatch@cbs5.com or call our hotline at (888) 5-HELPS-U (1-888-543-5778).

Comments (11)
  1. John A. Martin, Jr. says:

    My name is John A. Martin, Jr. Several weeks ago CBS5 Consumer Watch successfully resolved a false bankruptcy accusation leveled against me by JP Morgan Chase. CBS5 news aired a TV clip of my case. JP Morgan Chase admitted its bankruptcy claim against me was a mistake in a series of emails to CBS5 producer Jessica Ayala. and in a formal letter to me. Unbelievably, JP Morgan Chase is doing it again. On July 5, 2011 I received a letter with attachments from JP Morgan Chase dated June 27, 2011, which again falsely accuses me of having filed for bankruptcy. Please help me again, CBS5. Thank you. John Martin, 415-893-1680

  2. Alan Mays says:

    I worthy?. I think every time I shop, the price of meats-Beef,Pork,Chicken,Fish,
    Ect(with bones!!!!!!!!!!!!.Take Ribs(HOW MUCH MEAT ARE U ACEUALLY EATTING-VERSUS BONE LEFT OVER!!!!!!! iThink FDA needs to put a percentage of estimated meat Like ribs and knock off say 60% less for the bone on their prices. Say a whole chicken at $1.89/Lb Total=I.E.$10.89. You can go Wal-Mart any other stores to the frozen food section and get a bag of equel if not 2-3 pieces more than that whole chicken(you have tho cut to your specs ,for $.99-$$.99 a bag. end messege do your reserch you will find I’m right look at a T-Bone (price-with meat versus Bone(example)

  3. Alan Mays says:

    Mistake on last messege of meat-versus bones. New computer ,just breaking in, It Say’s I worthy ,meant If. The Aceually should read :really. THO=To,$.99-$$.99= $4.99-5.99 a corection I think completed.

  4. Alan Mays says:

    Alan again. As a retiree (war vet), I have nothing but time to be an amatuer critic of commercials,whereas I see a stupid commercial, write and tell them: maybe I’m 1 in q million to write and complain.
    Rosays issue IS: If you pay attention to your grocery/ztores reciepts!!!!!!!, have you noticed!!!! they tack on your CRV(CA.Reedemsion ) [with a big T- Taxable0
    Meaning before they subtotal,tax,roal. They are taxing our crv. After which you pat say $.05crv, then taxed at cashier, when you recycle that can may pay you back $.3 1/2. Our ca gov Found A loop hoke, AND I FIGURED IT OUT. Does any of this make sence worthy of others to complain?

  5. Alan Mays says:

    Addendum: correction of last writjng the q before million=a. Where it says Rosays= Todays, ztores =stores. roal= total hoke=hole

  6. Matt says:

    I just saw the report on the debit card company that processes Social Security payments, Debit Express, placing holds on funds. It leaves me wondering why anyone who gets Social Security even uses them. Many banks will give you free checking based on that same direct deposit. Better service and no fees. I use Bof A for mine, and use their bill pay service to pay my bills for free too. No writing checks, no paying for stamps, everything easy to schedule when I want the check to get there, and all easily accessed online. If you really want to help people in the situation like this poor woman was in, getting her an account with a bank that offers something like this should have been your suggestion. Cut these Debit Express people out of the equation altogether.

  7. Marti says:

    This is a comment on why our housing market in California is so messed up and continues to be. I put an offer on a house that is in short sale. I made the offer 8 weeks ago. My offer was accepted by the homeowner, I was approved as a buyer, by the bank/owner. The bank/owner assigned a ‘negotiator’ to review my offer. The following is the latest update on why I still do not have an accepted offer or a counter offer:

    “The BPO is done, the value is not known as the file is still with the investor. The investor is Freddie Mac and is taking unusually longer than expected to review files. They are merging with Fannie and all of their files are delayed.”

    So basically the government agency who is supposed to be helping to speed up the process is actually impeding the process. It is so frustrating. I know short sales take a while but this is so crazy. Can’t anyone fix this so that regular people can move on with their lives. Let the buyers who qualify buy and the sellers who need out get out. Without movement our housing market is not going to improve any time soon.

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