SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) – During their visit to the Bay Area, First lady Michelle Obama and her daughters surprised patrons at a popular restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown on Friday.

A CBS 5 crew spotted the first family eating dinner at R&G Lounge located on Kearny Street. The restaurant’s owners declined to discuss what her party ate during their visit.

Earlier on Friday, Mrs. Obama spoke at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park as part of a fundraising event for her husband’s reelection campaign.

According to pool reports, about 350 people attended the event, which was expected to raise at least $175,000. The first lady was introduced by California Attorney General Kamala Harris, an early supporter of the 2008 Obama campaign.

On Saturday, the first lady is scheduled to be in Alameda on Saturday at a commissioning ceremony for a new Coast Guard vessel.

Last month, President Barack Obama also made a stop for food in Chinatown. On February 16th, the president ordered takeout at Great Eastern Restaurant on Jackson Street. Mr. Obama was visiting San Francisco for a series of fundraisers.

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Comments (28)
  1. billybob says:

    how many millions did that cost the American tax payers?

    1. ericd says:

      So billybob did you also complain when bush went to nascar??????????

  2. bronx says:

    Yet another vacation paid by the tax payer so she can campaign for her husbands re-election. Does this woman have any idea how much she is WASTING? Think how many people we can feed in SF who are actually HUNGRY with what she just WASTED. Michelle YOU can stand and to skip a few meals anyway!

    1. foxey says:

      please think before you comment and do not follow the media glorification of her.please look at Nancy Reagan,s term as an example of class and poise.

  3. Chuck Sherman Jr says:

    Oh, how nice??? I wish I’d been the server. Moo-chelle would have worn her food for her past remarks about America!!!

    1. ericd says:

      Class act Chuck, a proud member of the women hater club.

      1. Chuck Sherman Jr says:

        I love women. I just calls them as I see them!!!

    2. Stacey Adams says:

      BE real – when the republican were in the white house no one complained about the money they spent and how we went from a surplus to a deficit. Fake wars to make the rich richer. Where you then?

  4. cest la vie says:

    In order to save taxpayers’$$$ and make it fair, benefits including travels for the first lady should be cut off starting next presidential term; it does not matter who will be elected

  5. Lilian Vu says:

    She is the best first lady ever, a combination of class and intelligence,

    1. Chuck Sherman Jr says:

      Lillian, you have obviously led a pretty sheltered life. Moo-chelle said sometime back that up until her America hating black muslim husband was elected that she had never been proud of her country. I sincerely hope you don’t have any children!!!

      1. tired of idiots says:

        he’s not muslim. he’s christian. you’re a real idiot for believing everything the right wing spews at you. why don’t you grow a brain so you can think for yourself?

      2. Telly says:

        What’s with you and koolaid – racist very much?

        also hilarious you are talking about Obamas ties to terrorism – how about the royal bush family ties to middle eastern oil magnates?

        You are ridiculous.

        A democrat who might just vote republican if they can manage to stay focused.

  6. Jeannie says:

    These comments are disgusting and nothing but hate mongering! Lillian is correct!

    1. Chuck Sherman Jr says:

      I’m stating facts. But then again you liberals have never been able to handle the truth!!! Step away from the socialists Koolaid bar.

      1. patriotic american says:

        Chuck is stating the facts. Obama was born Muslim, raised as a Muslim, acts like a Muslim and sends billions of tax dollars to Muslims who have killed Americans or want Americans dead. Obama’s ties to terrorism and the Muslim Brotherhood are well known. The word “treason” comes to mind, many times over.
        People falsely claim opposition to Obama’s socialist policies are racially based, which I find funny, since he’s only half black. Fact is Obama is bad for America, and deserves to be in Gitmo with other non-US citizens and terrorists.

    2. tired of idiots says:

      yes they are. these people are so ignorant and can’t think for themselves. they’re believing everything the right wing tells them about obama instead of finding out the REAL TRUTH about him. he’s not muslim. i’m so tired of these dumb*** people.

      1. Chuck Sherman Jr says:

        Looking in the mirror again are you??? Quit drinking the Koolaid of the left!!!

  7. John says:

    Her secret service protection is being paid by taxpayers but the Democratic party is probably footing the bill for everything else. Money that comes from fundraises such as these. What she is doing is no different than what the GOP hopefuls are doing… or what GWB, Clinton, Bush The Eldar, Reagan did when they were seeking reelection.

  8. George Nash says:

    Hell, I got a tingle up my leg just by reading this story.

  9. Maggie Sabovich says:

    The problem with this country is the total loss of any form of respect, courtesy, caring or kindness…this is the wife of the president of the US, people, no matter what you may feel about the person, and possibly their ethnic background, this is a mother and well-educated attorney, doing a great job raising her kids, while having to deal with people like yourselves on a continuing basis…let’s see how well YOU could fare, in comparison…and get a life, other than criticizing public figures to make your tiny little insignificant self feel powerful by tearing down others who have utilized the resources this country has to offer, ie. a good education and and a courteous upbringing!

    1. tired of idiots says:

      well said!

  10. tn says:

    Just curious why the Obamas keep coming back to Chinatown? Nothing against it but what about the Mission District or North Beach, or SoMa? With all the parking and congestion in Chinatown, there must be something between the Democratic party and the respective campaign contributors?

    1. TarzanQPublic says:

      tn, You are as dumb as they come. Cant you not figure it out on your own that there is no such thing as parking and congestion for The First Lady.

  11. Loving it says:

    I think they had a few million before they took office. They also pay taxes.

  12. unknown says:

    We are in far worst shape than when Bush was in look at thepeople who lost their homes if memory serves me it was a Democrate who said give them a home

  13. DontRelyOnOthersToImproveYourLife says:

    Why don’t all you whiners just move out of the Country, problem solved. You probably complain about everything in your Life anyways. People are tired of complainers…

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