ALAMEDA (CBS SF) – A police officer fatally shot a pit bull in Alameda Sunday night while responding to a home on a report of a disturbance, police said.

Police responded to a home in the 3200 block of Fiji Lane around 5:45 p.m. Sunday after a resident there reported a confrontation with a neighbor who brandished a knife.

Officers arrested the armed suspect without incident. After the arrest, a female at the suspect’s home came outside, followed by a 1 ½ year-old pit bull, police said.

Police said the woman was unable to restrain the dog, which broke free and lunged at the officer.

Still holding onto the suspect with one hand, the officer feared the dog would attack him and shot the animal, police said.

The officer’s name has not been released.

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  1. Diane Milkie says:

    Why must you report this! Doesn’t this breed have enough of a bad rap, completely due to human indecency. Would you have reported this if the dog/attacker was a golden retriever, I bet not. Pit bulls are not by nature human aggressive, or even especially protective. These behaviors have been created and fostered by ignorant/despicable humans. Continued sensationalistic prejudice doesn’t help. And that picture is very unfair also. You should be ashamed of yourselves for participating in the demise of a true American treasure of a breed.

    1. RM says:

      I agree that the picture is unfair, however If it were a Golden retriever it would have still been reported. In fact it would be bigger news. Imagine a cop killing a Golden retriever!
      People who breed Pit Bulls to be vicious should know that animal will either end up getting killed, or killing someone. I feel for these poor dogs, but sadly the only people that seem to own them are thugs. They own them because they know this specific breed of dogs are capable of killing or seriously injuring someone. You can’t blame the cop for shooting the dog. Especially when dealing with such owners! Who knows what they trained the poor dog to do!

      1. Diane Milkie says:

        Yeah, Police shooting a Golden Retriever would probably make the news. However, there would be much discussion about what could have made that dog so viscous. There is a general assumption that Pit Bulls are dangerous,and not enough people caring about why. What turned this iconic breed into such a mistrusted breed. Originally they were bred to be especially non aggressive with Humans so they could be handled in the fighting arena,disgusting as that is. There are many dog breeds that are by nature inclined to be protective. A well bred and well socialized Pit Bull would not even make a good guard dog if not for the assumption of threat.
        And not all Pit Bull owners are thugs, I would own one or more if my homeowners insurance wouldn’t cancel our policy. We need more good ambassadors of the Pit Bull breed. Once you get to know the true spirit of this breed it is maddening to see what people continue to do to these dogs.

  2. DaPoPoMan says:

    With the street named listed, it is in the less than nice area of Alameda. So it follows that their dogs, no matter what breed will also be less than nice.

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