SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — People are calling Samsung’s new hybrid device that is somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet a “phablet.”

The Galaxy Note, with its 5.3- inch screen allows you to make phone calls and is just a bit smaller than Kindle’s Fire tablet.

I have to confess I sent the latest iPad I own back to Apple because my iPhone and my MacBook Air are what I use all the time. The MacBook is a full-fledged computer and my iPhone fits in my pocket.

KCBS Tech Report:

A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle makes the point that Apple won’t put a phone in its iPad because it doesn’t want to cannibalize its own iPhone. Essentially they want you to own all three; the computer, the smartphone and the tablet.

As far as cost goes, expect the Samsung device to be $299 on contract.

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  1. Phablet – I like that term
    My neighbor picked up the Galaxy Note. She loves it but I like my flip phone. I just want a phone to make calls with, that’s it.

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