SAN JOSE (KCBS) – High-speed rail is on its way to California even though polls show that a majority of residents don’t want it. Now, State Senator Mark DeSaulnier of Concord said that he believes there should be a comprehensive rail plan in place to guide future decisions.

A high-speed rail project remains on the fast-track in California. Voters initially approved public funding for the project four years ago, but recent surveys show between 59 and 62 percent are now against the project. This may be because the cost of the project has shot up to more than $68 billion.

DeSaulnier has introduced a bill to create a statewide passenger rail plan that includes a long-term plan for high speed rail. Nadia Naik, of Californians Advocating for Responsible Rail Design, said that she likes the concept.

KCBS’ Dave Padilla Reports:

”It makes sense, because without having a statewide plan, each agency is sort of fighting with the other agencies to make a cohesive unit,” said Naik.

Naik said that it has been difficult for her Palo Alto-based grassroots organization to get information on specific costs.

The rail line would essentially link the Bay Area to Los Angeles. The first phase of the project could begin by the end of the year.

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  1. Freemotorist says:

    Democrat DeSaulnier is on the right track, especially if it manages the current Democrat Rail Madness, especially in the Bay Area. Imagine, 3 heavy rail systems, the most heavily subsidized, most expensive transit, yet low ridership in the same Peninsula Corridor’s puny passenger ridership! Only BART is needed up the Peninsula for electric, GHG-reducing, no-congestion at grade crossing, reduced suicides than Caltrain, higher farebox recover, and complete regional seamless high-capacity rail transit that connects universities, shopping areas, event venues from AT&T park (soon to SJ) HP Pavilion, Oakland Coliseum, airports, etc.and will free up land SOMA in SF at the Caltrain station, and allow removal of the Dumbarton Rail 1911 decaying bridge support towers returning the wetland to its 1910 natural state (along with the salt ponds). BART from its planned terminus in Santa Clara is only 28 miles and perfectly fundable wiith lots of local jobs for the next 15 years! Electrifying Caltrain is pefuming this deadly at-grade Pig rail. HSR is built on fraud and needs a true federal and State DOJ investigation for all the false numbers and 2008 ballot fraud, and California cannot afford to go the way of the 3 of 5 Europe PIIGS countries that HSR has driven to financial weakness and deprived citizens of needed basic government services–as is happening now in California, Parks, Animal Shelters, Adult, Child (incl Autism) Mental Health, Medical, schools, university students, teachers, and Professors. Stop “Rail Madness”, but I doubt DeSaulnier will do it, since he, like Simitian, make a lot of noise, but don’t take action. Like most Dems in this Dem-vertical monopoly at all levels of govt, they depend too much on rail-oriented corp cronies and CAJ union-extorted dues for their campaigns. How about a Build Highways plan once again, too!

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