SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Facebook’s announcement that it would be acquiring Instagram for $1 billion is already touching off protests from some users of the photo-sharing service already threatening to delete their accounts.

Some people are worried that, when Facebook gets its hands on their Instagram account, their privacy will be compromised. But thinking you have any more privacy on Instagram’s photo-sharing network doesn’t necessarily make sense.

As it is, Instagram users already post to social networking sites including Twitter and Flicker, which is the whole idea behind sharing. But skeptics are worried that Facebook will abuse the information and make certain correlations about them.

KCBS Tech Report:

We’re only talking about a few hundred, maybe a thousand people that are against the acquisition. Ao it doesn’t appear that it will make a big dent in any plans.

It makes sense for Facebook; They monetize our personal info and they make no secret about it. Now with Instagram they can find out where you are and a little bit about who you are.

Of course, one could always opt out if they don’t want their photos shared on any of the social network sites, unless they change the way they plan on configuring the settings.

The photo app is fun to play with, you can think of it as kind of a Facebook a poor-man’s Photoshop. Basically you can take photo with your cell phone and make it sepia or use other types of filters, then by one of its extensions you can post it to a social network site.

The bottom line is the app’s developers have certainly cashed in big on this deal.

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  1. How does CBS , a giant corporation, know how many are against this acquisition by a giant corporation? Did they do a poll of the users? No.

    Isn’t this the 1% deciding if the 1% is liked?

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