OAKLAND (CBS 5) — As One Goh sat down for a jailhouse interview with CBS 5, the husband of a victim killed at Oikos University last week said he neither wants to see nor hear from his wife’s accused killer.

“I don’t have any reaction to him. I don’t want to waste a single energy. In my mind, he does not exist now. I’m trying to comprehend the facts that wife will not be coming home anymore. I’m not thinking about him right now,” said Efanye Chibuko. His wife Doris Chibuko was among seven killed in the school shooting April 2nd.

The grieving dad has to guide a three, five, and eight year old through the death of their mother.

“I have not gotten out of the shock. I’m still in shock,” he said, “I lost half-part of myself. So, I’m still in shock. I’m pretending to be ok but I am not okay.”

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In the interview with CBS 5, Goh said he was “deeply sorry.” Goh also said that he only remembers parts of the that day and its too hard to talk about. But Efanye Chibuko isn’t buying it, saying his wife and her Oikos University classmates likened Goh to an unstable powder keg.

“They know he’s got anger issues. Everyone at school knows that,” Chibuko said.

Deeply shaken now, Chibuko openly wonders how he’ll make it through a trial.

“I don’t know. I don’t even want to think about a trial right now. My whole energy right now is making sure I give my wife a good burial,” Chibuko said.

The family now needs a church or hall that can accommodate up to 1,000 people for a memorial scheduled for April 27 or 28th. People can submit donations or potential venues at www.DorisChibuko.com.

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