bully02 Jan Wahl Movie Review: Bully & Three Stooges

Scene from 'Bully' (credit: © The Weinstein Company)

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(CBS SF) – Jan Wahl reviews two films. First Jan quickly talks about the revival comedy from the Farrelly Borthers, “The Three Stooges” and next, the controversial documentary, “Bully.”

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Bully is an amazing documentary. This is a film that will rock the world of anyone who sees it. Because it’s about bullying. The director himself was a bullied child and it’s about kids in Georgia, Texas, Iowa, Mississippi and Oklahoma who cannot save their own lives because they are bullied so terribly. I hope that every school administrators and students see this film.

hr the three stooges 7 Jan Wahl Movie Review: Bully & Three Stooges

'Three Stooges' (credit: Peter Iovino/20th Century Fox)


Many grew up watching the Three Stooges in the movies or late night on TV. Predominantly males than females. In the new version produced by the Farrelly Brothers, who’s credits are “Dumb and Dumber”, “Shallow Hal” and “There’s Something About Mary,” we see the stooges growing up, at length, at an orphanage and then on to there slapstick antics, but nothing can save the empty attempt at replication. Not even guest stars like Jane Lynch, Larry David or Sofia Vergara can breathe life in this self-righteous, boring comedy. No hats, leave it alone.

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