A’s Push Major League Baseball For Decision On Move To San Jose

SAN JOSE (KCBS) – After three years, the Oakland A’s have become impatient for a decision from Major League Baseball on whether the team can move to San Jose.

The A’s reportedly plan to file papers to get the issue on the agenda of MLB owners meeting in New York to try and force a vote on the San Francisco Giants territorial rights to Santa Clara County, according to several published reports.

Even that move may not sway MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, who sets the owners meeting agenda, for a quick decision, said San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed.

“I wish we had a timetable, but if there is one, Commissioner’s keeping it to himself,” Reed said.

KCBS’ Matt Bigler Reports:

“Lew Wolff, the managing partner for the A’s, is in contact with the Commissioner on a regular basis, and Lew doesn’t know what the timetable is. And so, I don’t think anybody knows expect the commissioner,” Reed said.

Overturning the Giants territorial rights to the South Bay would require agreement from 75 percent vote of baseball owners, a decision Reed said makes financial sense for the whole MLB.

“Right now the A’s are a drag of about $30 million a year on baseball revenues. They move to San Jose, everybody believes they’ll be profitable. So that’s $30 million a year to the good for Major League Baseball,” he said.

“Even billionaires appreciate a million dollars now and then, so I’m hopeful that’ll be persuasive.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reported if there is no vote, San Jose has explored the possibility of a lawsuit challenging the MLB’s anti-trust exemption.

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    A’s Push Major League Baseball For Decision On Move To San Jose « CBS San Francisco

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