California Electric Cars The Greenest In The Country

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – It turns out that location, location, location isn’t just important in real estate, according to a new study, it also plays an important role in determining how green your electric car really is.

A newly released report from the science advocacy group The Union of Concerned Scientists, is basically a snapshot of what the electrical grid is today in different areas of the country.

“California’s electricity grid is one of the cleanest grids in the country, meaning that California relies pretty heavily on cleaner sources of electricity such as natural gas, and renewable electricity such as wind and solar power,” said Don Anair, a Berkeley-based senior analyst with the Union of Concerned Scientists. “So compared to the rest of the country, electric vehicles in California really are the best choice for consumers in terms of having the lowest global warming emissions.”

KCBS’ Susan Leigh Taylor Reports:

Anair said that means an electric car in California produces the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as a gas-burning vehicle that gets 79 miles to the gallon, because the grid is so efficient. He said that with California’s adoption of a 33 percent renewable electricity standard by 2020, that means your electric car will actually become greener as it gets older.

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