SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The team’s owners haven’t confirmed it, but more reports are surfacing that indicate the Golden State Warriors are planning to move to San Francisco when their Oakland lease expires in a few years.

John Madden told the KCBS morning crew he’d be disappointed to see the Warriors move, especially with the uncertainty surrounding the future of the A’s and Raiders in Oakland.

“I just feel having been a part of sports in Oakland (as coach of the Raiders), that Oakland just needs a win,” Madden said. “The history of sports in Oakland is so big, you just hate to see it… You just can’t roll over and give up, and that’s what I hope doesn’t happen.”

Madden said it’s unclear how the Warriors would do better across the bay.

“If they’re filling it where they are, why do they have to leave? I know you can build a bigger place maybe, but you can do that in Oakland too… I think Oakland has to fight, and I think not only that, people have to fight for Oakland.”

A Babe Ruth jersey sold for $4.4 million at an auction Sunday. “I don’t think there’s anything in sports that would be worth more than Babe Ruth stuff,” Madden said. “There’s one of the great names in sports, isn’t it? You look at names in sports that can hold up, and baseball has always probably been the best. Basketball (is) not very good, football (is) not very good. We forget our forefathers… history has never been important in football.” (8:00)

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