By Brian Hackney

“Eye on the Bay” journeys 26 miles west of San Francisco, gaining rare access to one of the most mysterious island formations in the world. Brian travels with members of the Farallon Patrol to deliver supplies and a winter scientist. This two-part series explores what seasonal residents do to brave the rough environs in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

VIDEO: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


Comments (3)
  1. Nancy says:

    I enjoyed seeing my son at work there. He was the red haired biologist with the beard. He’s there for 3 months during the bird fall migration. Glad to see he’s well fed. Thanks for high lighting this small part of California that most people don’t see.

  2. wm.wheeler says:

    Bill lived on the Island for 19 months with his family he was with the Coast Guard The family lived in both the big houses and and in charge of 5 families

  3. Cmarie says:

    Great job on this story. It was fascinating to learn about the history, the everyday activities that take place now and the adventure you take in order to reach the islands. Very entertaining.

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