Tech Report: Obama’s Executive Order Has Critics Concerned Over Internet Control

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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — President Barack Obama signed an executive order last week that some critics fear could give the U.S. Government the authority to take over the internet.

I personally don’t think this executive order is really to take over the internet, nor does it intend to shut down the internet.

What the order does is to make it able for the federal government to access both public and private communications networks including radio and television in the case of a national emergency. This would ensure that everything is up and running in the event of an emergency and is actually an extension of an existing order from a previous administration.

KCBS’ Tech Report:

It’s nothing new, it has no new real powers. It’s bringing in the Department of Homeland Security as a coordinating agency. Some people are worried about that because they may not trust Homeland Security

For those who think it gives the president the off switch to censor the internet and censor content, I read the document two or three times and I didn’t even see the word “Internet.” It’s really about emergency communications, not shutting anything down.

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