SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – New York Jets coach Rex Ryan ordered players to run sprints following a 20-player brawl at training camp this week. “It’s stupid,” John Madden told the KCBS morning crew. “They don’t even know what you do in a football training camp fight.”

“What they did was a bench-clearing brawl like baseball. They just all thought had they had to run in there, including Tebow.” John said training camp fights were more common when he was coaching two month-long training camps. “Two guys fight and then three or four guys try to pull them apart… You don’t run up there like it’s your team against their team. They’re all on the same team.”

John said he had a simple formula for preventing fights. “You say, ‘okay, that’s it, we’ve had enough of these fights. Just don’t do it anymore. And the next two guys that fight, we’re just going to get a circle around them and you have to fight to the end. No one is going to break it up.’ When they know you’re not going to break it up, I will guarantee you they’re not going to fight.”

With the popularity of the Olympics, Madden wonders why there aren’t more professional leagues for Olympic sports. “Why can something be so popular and so intriguing and kind of capture you when you’re watching it, and then when the Olympics are over they just go away?,” Madden said.

“Professional track, professional volleyball, professional gymnastics… There’s something there there, but when the time is right I’m not sure.”

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