OAKLAND (Bleacher Report) — Typically, power ranking NBA players against their own teammates is as easy as looking at the depth chart. But sometimes, things aren’t so simple.

The Golden State Warriors are one of the rare NBA teams whose 15-man roster is practically set in stone—and has been since before training camp opened. But with so many new players in the mix, roles and minutes are largely up for grabs.

With a pair of impact rookies already proving themselves and a few veterans showing signs of slippage, the player hierarchy within the Dubs roster remains fluid. Add in the persistent injury concerns of Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut, and the picture gets even hazier.

Nonetheless, it’s still a fairly simple task to comparatively value each player on Golden State’s roster. For clarity’s sake, keep in mind that these rankings are based on the individual player’s worth to the team. In some cases, that means bench players are more valuable than starters, while in others, the potential value of youth will take a backseat to the present importance of veteran experience.

As the season begins, these rankings could certainly change. And as the months roll on, potential trades, inevitable injuries and lineup constructions may result in a few surprises.

But for now, CLICK HERE for the Golden State Warriors’ preseason player power rankings.

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