SAN FRANCISCO (Bleacher Report) — On Monday night, the San Francisco Giants completed what can best be described as a historic comeback, slaying the mighty St. Louis Cardinals to win the National League pennant. Prior to Game 7, the Giants had won only a single non-elimination game in this year’s postseason.

To be a team of destiny, things must set up in a way that goes beyond the probable and into the legendary. Barry Zito fits this requirement. His 7.2 innings of shutout baseball against a team as potent as St. Louis in Game 5 far exceeded the expectations of fans hoping Zito might last two or three inning before Bruce Bochy came to get him.

And then there is Marco Scutaro, the MVP of Game 7. Scutaro is the epitome of the destiny player, a figure who finds his team at a pivotal moment (roughly two weeks before the Giants would lose Melky Cabrera to his PED suspension) and delivers in a way that throws his career statistics out the window.

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