SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Donations are pouring in for a beloved San Francisco homeless man after his shoeshine stand was vandalized during post-World Series celebrations Sunday night.

Larry Moore tries to make ends meet with his stand, a fixture at New Montgomery and Market Streets. Vandals burned his stand after the Giants won the World Series. One of his chairs was burned to a crisp, the other turned into a melted mess.

The damage doesn’t break the spirits of Moore, who makes about $80 a day at his stand and pays $55 for a residential hotel room.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports: 

Moore told KCBS he doesn’t understand the need to set stuff on fire

“They called their friends and said, ‘Baseball game’s over. C’mon lets trash San Francisco,’ which is a shame,” he said. “This is a beautiful city, the people here are beautiful. They’ll bend over backwards to help you.”

Trish Grandholm of ETC Construction Company has volunteered to rebuild Moore’s heavy wooden shoeshine stand.

“That something like this would happen to somebody when there wasn’t even a natural disaster associated… There’s no reason for this. In instances like this if there’s something that we can do…there’s so many things in the world that we can’t do anything about, but we can do something about this,” Grandholm said.

Despite the vandalism, Moore said he can’t wait for Wednesday’s ticker tape parade and that he has a front row seat.

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