Editor’s note: access to the video referenced in this article has since been blocked. 

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A San Francisco Police sergeant has posted a video on his Facebook page that appears to show him traveling “100 Miles per hour in the Lambo” through the Broadway Tunnel when he and friends “were all drunk.”

The SFist blog first reported on the September posting from Carl T of the SFPD. The officer, formerly known as Carl Tannenbaum, previously made news for changing his name rather than listing his full last name on his badge.

In the video, the driver slams the gas from the Larkin St. stop on the Russian Hill side of the tunnel, heading toward Chinatown in a 35 mile per hour speed limit zone. The daytime speeding incident is particularly brazen given the fact that the tunnel regularly backs up due to clogged traffic conditions on the Eastern side.

Though there is no way to verify the identity of the driver, his sobriety, or the actual speed reached in the tunnel, comments from Facebook friends, some of whom SFist has identified as members of SFPD, seem to back up the authenticity of the video. Among the comments were his own “Plus we were all drunk” statement, as well as friends saying “Only 100?” and “letting off the throttle halfway? Booo!”

A Facebook post by an SFPD Sgt.  (CBS)

A Facebook post by an SFPD Sgt. (CBS)

Other commenters recalled the time that, while on duty, they came across the decapitated head of a motorcyclist in that same tunnel, and indicated that the crash was a result of speeding.

The posting was made available to the public, and ten people were tagged in association with the video, so prior to its removal Wednesday, there appears to have been no attempt to be discreet about the clip.

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